UFC confirms Brendan Schaub vs. 'Big' Nog in Brazil

source: ufc.com

The UFC 134 fight card has added a high-profile heavyweight battle, Dana White confirmed today. The 8-1 Brendan "The Hybrid" Schaub and former Pride and UFC champion Minotauro Nogueria have verbally agreed to the August 27 bout in Rio.

Schaub is coming off a UFC 128 knockout of the night performance against another Pride legend, Mirko Cro Cop. The summer bout will be Nogueira's first return to the Octagon in 18 months after an injury took him out of his planned headlining bout last October.

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The bout, now confirmed, had previously been rumored:

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (32-6-1 MMA, 3-2 UFC) apparently will make his return at UFC 134, and if one fellow heavyweight gets his way, it'll be against Brendan Schaub (8-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC).

Nogueira recently told Brazilian outlets he's been booked for the August card, which takes place in his native Brazil.

However, event sources told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) that Schaub hasn't been offered the fight but that officials are "leaning" in that direction.

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Ramon Maroni site profile image  

5/17/11 11:33 AM by Ramon Maroni

good point

ClockChokeOrange site profile image  

5/17/11 11:30 AM by ClockChokeOrange

I am not a fan of Schaub lobbying for fights against legends who are well into the back nine of their careers. First, Cro-Cop, and now Noguera, who's next Mark Coleman, Andrei Arlovski, or Tank Abbot?Schaub, how about you fight someone on the rise and hungry instead?

4thHorsemen site profile image  

5/17/11 4:41 AM by 4thHorsemen

I really want Nog to win, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and call exactly that. Nog wins this fight. I'd live to see Nog vs. Brock. I still have faith in him.

MikeHunt36 site profile image  

5/17/11 2:48 AM by MikeHunt36

I love Nog but he is going to get fucked up. He's been hit in the head to many times. He moves and looks like he's Randys age.

Pharos site profile image  

5/17/11 2:00 AM by Pharos

I hope being on 'ome turf makes him go supernog leve3. he went supernog during the crocop fight and supernog 2 during Fedor's 3rd fight,but fell. Then he trained in the pride after life games(post pride ufc) with a halo over his head(zombie nog) defeated timmayyy silvia and lost to devil(murr) then fought another ancient gladiator with a halo and tho it was close,Minataruo was victorious! And den he had to fight a Mexican an gots punched inda backside ov da 'ead,and when he wos duin da zombinog/undataka sit up, was blasted in da face like 60 or 90 more times, den dem judges,dem lot had to call it a tko on account of dey was down unda,if a fight get plonkend like more than 5 times while bof his nutz an arsehole an one 'and ins on da mat is an instant tko. Boyakkasha! Now after Staph (twice!) and fuckin hip surgery,the guy who got clean 1 hit ko'd by big country wants and still does the "dirt off your shoulder" dance,wants to hit zombie nog in the back of the head,much similar to how he punched zombie mirko on the back of the head? How about mark Coleman next? I'll be sure to hit him with my pick up truck a few weeks before verbal agreements are placed and let him watch via skype so he can know for a fact that he can call out said fighter in interviews.

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

5/17/11 2:00 AM by NarlyPersianDude

Awesome post, right there with you. Shown

onepunchJD site profile image  

5/17/11 12:42 AM by onepunchJD

I dont want to see Nog lose this fight.His chin just isnt there anymore.Being almost impossible to finish was one of Big Nog's greatest strengths as a fighter. His toughness and ability to weather a storm was the perfect compliment to his style of fighting. He has good boxing, even though hes not a KO puncher. And we all know how great he is on the gound.Minotauro's style, and physical toughness, were set up to win wars.Prime Fedor had his number, but even he couldnt finish him.In a more pure form of Vale Tudo or NHB.. Big Nog in his prime, would be favored over most of todays "new breed" of HW's, IMO. But in 3x5 min rounds, against a younger evolved HW, and without the chin he used to have... Nog is going to be the underdog, as sad as it may be.That said.. I will be rooting for Minotauro with every fiber of my being as a fight fan.

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

5/16/11 11:53 PM by NarlyPersianDude

I expect Shcuab to win. But I really really want BigNog to win. I honestly dont think BigNog should be fighting mma anymore. Health is more important. He is no where close to where he used to be, and they know his style really good. The OP is seriusly shrugging off Brandon Schaub's finishing capability. Even if got to the groud, I think Brandon would just take the fight to the feet. Brandon moves really nice, he knows when to stay in the pocket, and he knows when to stick and move. But, I will be pulling for BigNog. As good as he is as a fighter, he is at a higher level as a person. Just a real genuine chap. I find him very inspirational.

JeremyLambert88 site profile image  

5/16/11 11:26 PM by JeremyLambert88

I'm not willing to say that Nog is washed up or his chin is shot just because he lost to Cain Velasquez but he hasn't fought since February 2010 and is coming off major surgery. So no matter what, I don't expect him to fight 100% up to his potential against Schaub.