Royler Gracie now asking for $50k 'show money' to rematch Eddie Bravo

by Eddie Bravo | source:

5 days after accepting rematch Royler now asking for 50k just to show

I just got off the phone with vice president of ADCC Guy Nievens and he told me that Royler just called him and is now asking for 50k just to show up plus the 25k win bonus

I have no idea why he's now asking for all that cash up front all of a sudden, 5 days after agreeing to the rematch and after doing interviews for Atame and Gracie Mag saying that "Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice"

ADCC is refusing to pay the 50k show money

So my business manager is gonna set up a Royler relief paypal account asap. If 5,000 people donate just $10 the rematch is on.

Who's down?

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mchapman site profile image  

5/20/11 6:03 PM by mchapman

maybe they can work out a deal for a portion of the webcast revenue or DVD sales. Who knows.

bhealthy site profile image  

5/20/11 5:59 PM by bhealthy

stlnl2 thanks for not sayin its a 'mute' point....that shit is makin me nuts around here

TheComish site profile image  

5/20/11 11:40 AM by TheComish

I'm a huge grappling fan. I was at ADCC 2005 in Long Beach, and it was probably the best event I have ever been to. I'll be heading over to England and checking out ADCC 2011 this year too.I'm kind of just over it now that it's been a decade since there last fight. I was a lot more excited to see it 4,5,6 years ago. I'm way more excited to see some of the grapplers who are closer to there primes. I can't wait to see Jacare vs. Estima, and the Absolutes this year.

stlnl2 site profile image  

5/20/11 8:24 AM by stlnl2

Every time I saw it mentioned, Eddie commented on pursuing other interests, as for saying 10 years, Sorry if I tend to round up and anything over 8, to me is 10, a sad product of getting old. Fact is, Royler has zero to gain. Eddie can gain a bit, but not anywhere as much as the folks who dont like him think, because is very well established amongst the "he-man gi haters club" that for whatever reason despise anything gi/brazillian, just the same way as some folks hate Eddie for no reason. Its a moot point, no agreement was signed. Royler said he would do a rematch without numbers being laid out. Royler lays his numbers out, and a promoter decides to use the public as a negotiation tactic to pressure Royler. The only thing that surprises me, is the UG (known to be full of self made millionaires, genius IQs, and huge cocks) has fallen for ADCC's propaganda hook, line and sinker. Notice not too many green names weighing in (the folks who understand nothing happens till numbers are agreed upon, and contracts are signed.)

ChicagoTom site profile image  

5/19/11 11:23 PM by ChicagoTom

Love the screen name man bear pig

FenceGrab site profile image  

5/19/11 11:12 PM by FenceGrab

You're obviously not a huge grappling fan are you?There is a reason this thread is 13 pages long and there are multiple threads on the topic, the fight is worth 50k, and people want to see it.

GAME-DOG site profile image  

5/19/11 10:47 PM by GAME-DOG


MikeyA518 site profile image  

5/19/11 9:57 PM by MikeyA518

 These guys talk like Royler is afraid to grapple Eddie Bravo?  Come on fellas, were talking about a guy who has been in thousands of grappling matches and has fought MMA at a high level.  At the end of the day, we're talking about a grappling match, scared, IDK that thats the right word.  Not too mention he's been training with Saulo and Xande for a while now, if there were anyone to duck on the mats, it would be these too, not Eddie Bravo, be real.

MikeyA518 site profile image  

5/19/11 9:53 PM by MikeyA518

 Who pays for this tho?  ADCC? The fans?

MikeyA518 site profile image  

5/19/11 9:50 PM by MikeyA518

 WORD^  Total Respect!