Karo Parisyan: For the record, f--- all of them

by Mike Russell | source: cagepotato.com

"For the record, f*ck all of them. They know who they are, from friends to cousins to certain family members, f*ck them – all of them.”

"There are people who helped me out and they know who they are and I love them to death, but most of the people who I called my friends and family who were all around me when I was doing well, as soon as I fell, they were nowhere to be found. Nobody gave a sh*t, nobody wanted to give a sh*t, nobody called, nobody visited, and nobody said anything.I screwed up and I have nobody to blame but myself. Sure I could blame a lot of people for what happened, but I’m not going to because I learned a lot through all of this. Nobody gave me a hand when I needed it the most. If you can’t help me up, fine, but don’t kick me down more than I already am.”

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duckrabbit site profile image  

5/19/11 12:40 PM by duckrabbit

He was my favorite fighter for a long time. Just goes to show you need friends to pick you up when you're on your ass.

khollings site profile image  

5/18/11 1:48 PM by khollings

Agreed. People that have emotional problems paired with drug abuse are always the victims. You know what? We all have problems. Look at Jens Pulver. What a true testimonial to coming from a crappy upbringing and turning it around. I'd read that book. But not Karo's. Karo, if you clearly weren't made for the sport, then don't blame the people in it for your mishaps. I'm sick of hearing this story.

khollings site profile image  

5/18/11 1:44 PM by khollings

Awesome. I've been looking for something new to try out on my insomnia. SNORE

AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

5/18/11 5:21 AM by AmericanPsychoMMA



5/18/11 4:11 AM by "onepunch"

Hope Karo can overcome what he is going through. His throws were sickoh, and Ryan Ford betta brow down, not sure if anyone remembers those threads/vids

jaseprobst site profile image  

5/18/11 3:18 AM by jaseprobst


Jaybrone site profile image  

5/18/11 1:10 AM by Jaybrone

I really hope that Karo can continue to battle his demons. I would much rather never see him again then have to read a tragic news article someday. Lets hope the guy is finally over the hump in his battle outside the ring.

Lite site profile image  

5/17/11 9:45 PM by Lite

How successful, monetarily, was he? I would imagine the very low six figures at best, which is hardly enough to bankroll a bunch of hangers on. Maybe I'm just clueless about how profitable it was to be a well known belt contender 5 years ago.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

5/17/11 8:44 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

They know who they are, Bro. Karo wants them to know they can fuck off.

Deuce77 site profile image  

5/17/11 8:37 PM by Deuce77

Epic throws from Karo.