Mir: I am bigger, faster, taller than JDS, and I hit a lot harder

source: mmamania.com


"Every fight I've hungered to win more than the last ... The key to beating Roy really is not to move backwards ... Fights that I've seen of Roy when people have done well with him is when they move forward. If he makes a mistake ... I'm a lot bigger than Dos Santos and I hit a lot harder. I'm a taller, longer athlete,  ... quicker, I'll constantly pepper him with shots when he comes in and making him pay when I do hit him with something. When I hit Cheick Kongo, the punch alone threw him halfway across the Octagon. On the night of the fight, neither one of us is gonna pull any punches. If I catch him with something, I'll try to hurt him with it."

Frank Mir fights Roy Nelson on May 28, 2011 at UFC 130.

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supersaiyan site profile image  

5/29/11 10:18 PM by supersaiyan

average day at the office for them two...i bet they went to the bar or club afterwards n joked over some beers n good ol memories.

supersaiyan site profile image  

5/29/11 10:17 PM by supersaiyan

hendo hits harder....period

Nubinatub site profile image  

5/29/11 8:17 PM by Nubinatub

^ hendo kod a true beast in feijao who probably weighs around 23p-240 during fight day

SKARHEAD site profile image  

5/29/11 7:46 PM by SKARHEAD

No, I disagree that Hendo has more power in his hands than a prime Chuck Liddell....Chuck was KOing true 205lbers....I don't see hendo having many KO's against guys that size, mostly 185lber and japanese cans, or guys even smaller than 185lbs.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

5/29/11 9:33 AM by ranier wolfcastle

 was much like roy vs jds   roy joking

nobigdeal site profile image  

5/29/11 6:29 AM by nobigdeal

Why all the Mir hate? Other than nog he's the best fighter off his back in the hw division. And last time I checked, punch power = the guy has a punchers chance at winning the fight. Mir is far more versed in mma (yeah "versed" is goldies quote/thing). This is a fight that could go either way and a fight I would love to see.

Poindexter site profile image  

5/29/11 6:17 AM by Poindexter

 JDS murders Muhr.

Sebastiaan site profile image  

5/29/11 5:51 AM by Sebastiaan

No I am pretty stupid but speak five languages.

MindOverBody site profile image  

5/29/11 2:35 AM by MindOverBody

 Knowing more than one language = more overall intelligence?

Pharos site profile image  

5/29/11 2:31 AM by Pharos

Bout the same via big country being the basis of the comparison