Cormier suffers cut in training; bout with Monson not in jeopardy


<a href=Daniel Cormier" src="" />

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ten10ten site profile image  

5/20/11 9:46 AM by ten10ten

no, hugh-hugh screens can only be found at Inns  

herculestex1 site profile image  

5/20/11 9:34 AM by herculestex1

we still have a drive-in here, it's only open in the summer though

greenseed site profile image  

5/19/11 10:37 PM by greenseed

 drive  in ..............imo nasty cut.. when is his fight? june 18?

YonYones site profile image  

5/19/11 10:21 PM by YonYones

Thats gross, hows that even happen?

Douche site profile image  

5/19/11 4:20 PM by Douche

just imagine if stick and ball athletes were getting injured at this rate during practice. LOL!Noons vs. Masvidal will be a better fight anywayJZ vs. Wilcox too.

bcolflesh site profile image  

5/19/11 4:18 PM by bcolflesh

Oh well, he can get north-south choked when it heals up.

GNPfan site profile image  

5/19/11 4:16 PM by GNPfan

That's no goat vagina but still a nasty cut. I'm surprised they say the fight will still happen.

mkou site profile image  

5/19/11 3:30 PM by mkou

Hah, it's nice to know that we have these elite keyboard warriors here telling Bob Cook and guys at AKA how to train. ;)

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

5/19/11 3:29 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

totally agree, and it seems it happens a lot of times, close to the fight, when they should be going much easier.

grafzep site profile image  

5/19/11 2:56 PM by grafzep

Im really looking forward to seeing this fight. I think in the time left to Cormier that he has a chance to accomplish something big in this sport.