Royce Gracie chokes out TV host on G4

source: AttackOfTheShow

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Royalt239 site profile image  

5/22/11 2:46 PM by Royalt239

nah olivia munns my hollywood crush lol

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

5/21/11 3:16 PM by I AM A MOFO

WTF? No thanks, the new chick is WAY better.

xcouturefan site profile image  

5/21/11 3:14 PM by xcouturefan

once again mma has to copy pro wrestlingHogan choked out Richard Belzer years ago

CLINTK9 site profile image  

5/21/11 3:10 PM by CLINTK9

He only lost twice. And it was a Prime Saku & Prime Hughes!And it was not his early prime ufc days.He came back and took on Saku after a 5 yr layoff (Takada dry humping him was not a fight), while saku was regularly kickin ass! And came back to a tourney, so his mind was set on fighting more than once that night.Saku nuthuggers like to shove the fact Saku was not Prime when they fought again, but never mention How Royce hadnt fought in 5 yrs before the 1st fight, while Saku was fighting regularly.

Royalt239 site profile image  

5/21/11 1:14 PM by Royalt239

and olivia munn needs to be back on attack of the show

Royalt239 site profile image  

5/21/11 1:05 PM by Royalt239

boo hoo he was on roids for the second fight. ive never been a big fan of the gracies as people and fighters just cuz to me they seem to have to be thanked for mma, they have to be honored for doing everything. they just seem very un humble but id still get any of their autographs lol.

People Like Snatch Get Slapped site profile image  

5/21/11 1:04 PM by People Like Snatch Get Slapped

"Royce was a great fighter during his prime and deserves a lot more respect than he gets."Not really. Any time he faced someone with any real sub defence, he lost.

KC007 site profile image  

5/21/11 12:42 PM by KC007

That chick was annoying. She is the equivalent of a GF that talks a bunch of shit to some dude at a bar and then expects/puts her BF in the situation to "stand up" for her because she feels disrespected.

Neil Funk site profile image  

5/21/11 11:15 AM by Neil Funk

he settled nothing. he juiced to fight Saku the 2nd time and couldn't even finish after getting handled in the first match. people like CLITK9 can defend roiders and cheaters all they like, but the fact remains that Royce soiled the sport with his actions, hardly behavior befitting a legend.

AnthonyMMA site profile image  

5/20/11 7:55 PM by AnthonyMMA

Id like to see the Gracie breakdown on how he did the choke wrongbtw....He looks like Helio