Tim Kennedy: Terrible behavior in MMA is rewarded

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Max Bishop: Do you think it would've been a shame if (Michael Bisping) would've basically been rewarded for his actions in (the Rivera) fight with a coaching spot on "The Ultimate Fighter" and getting a big money fight from it?

Tim Kennedy: Realistically, that was very possible. He was two athletic commissioners away from getting a spot on "The Ultimate Fighter" as a coach. Not only was he given a hand-out win from a ridiculous decision in the cage, but then even worse, he's then given a spot on one of the most prestigious aspects of the UFC as a coach on the show and then fighting for the No. 1 contendership. That's absolutely asinine. He cheated! He should be punished. He then spit on the corner. He should be banned! He shouldn't be rewarded! It doesn't make any sense.

MB: Do you think it's a problem right now in the sport in general where you see guys who misbehave and end up getting rewarded for it, whether it's big fights or things of that nature?

TK: Absolutely. Here's the problem, you know. Let me give myself a mohawk, dye it red and go out there and talk some smack and then I'll be fighting for six figures. Or let me illegally knee a guy in the head, spit on his corner and then give me a spot on "The Ultimate Fighter." And then we'll take Brian Stann, a Silver Medal recipient, a war hero, a Marine captain. He's had like 10 fights under the Zuffa banner between the WEC and the UFC but he's fighting a newcomer to the promotion in Jorge Santiago. It doesn't make any sense. Let's reward the guys who deserve rewarding. The one's that fight fair, the one's that work hard, the one's that do the right thing and punish the guys that say the wrong things, who do the wrong things, that fight unfairly.

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RabbiVJ site profile image  

6/3/11 5:47 PM by RabbiVJ

Prolly cause you were trolling and fighter bashing maybe?  you figure it out boyo...

explodingboy site profile image  

6/3/11 11:49 AM by explodingboy

^^That he is, seems to have a habit of upsetting people. Why is my OP deleted? I don't understand this place sometimes. If there was an issue with what was said, why doesn't the mod edit my post out and explain why he deleted it? No accountability. 

Kostakio site profile image  

6/2/11 10:13 PM by Kostakio

Tim Kennedy is quite the tweeter lately.

brownchickenbrowncow site profile image  

5/23/11 9:39 PM by brownchickenbrowncow

He didnt do either of those things jackass. I imagine if he ever did say something funny or on point you would prolly suck him off from the back.

brownchickenbrowncow site profile image  

5/23/11 9:36 PM by brownchickenbrowncow

So what exactly are you saying? Its ok to use illegal strikes in a fight as long as someone shit talks before hand?You sir are a wanky dipshit.

brownchickenbrowncow site profile image  

5/23/11 9:32 PM by brownchickenbrowncow

Are you two douchebags serious? Put me in my place? No coming back from this? What the fuck are you talking about? I normally stick up for British humor, but you two fags make your whole Country look bad. I bet you two sit around voting each other up all day for no god damn good reason. You are both pathetic. Bisping is a decent fighter, but you guys are doing him no favors on here. Oh, and the fact that he is a cheater doesnt help his cause either.

brownchickenbrowncow site profile image  

5/23/11 9:23 PM by brownchickenbrowncow

Bisping is a good fighter, but to say he would clearly beat Kennedy is moronic. He could beat Kennedy, but there is nothing clear about it.Some people let their love for Brit cock get in their way of being objective about Bisping.

PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

5/23/11 8:40 PM by PJ Benn Fan

People let their hate get in the way of being objective about Bisping. The guy is a VERY well rounded fighter and probably around 7-8 in the world MW rankings IMO! The only thing he lacks in his arsenal is one punch KO power and that he still circles into the opponants power hand. He has everything else; good ground game, very good TD defense, and the ability to land his strikes and get the hell out of dodge before his opponant can counter. He would also clearly beat Tim Kennedy!

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

5/23/11 9:01 AM by Chimonos Revenge

I do the same thing.And when someone soundly beats me using a tactic I myself am no good at, and then by the luck of hometown incompetent judges i get the win...i tell them to stick to their useless skill that they just handled me with.That always tells people whats up.