GSP opens as huge favorite in potential bout vs. Diaz

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

Though the bout is not official, many believe it's a more likely possibility than St-Pierre vs. Silva, and in the earliest odds released for the bout, St-Pierre has been installed as a fairly large favorite.

MMA oddsmaker Nick Kalikas has installed St-Pierre is a -425 favorite over Diaz, making him an over 4-to-1 choice to win. Diaz is at +325.

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Recent Comments »

GageIsLegend site profile image  

5/23/11 3:21 PM by GageIsLegend

^ this.

RIPLEY site profile image  

5/23/11 11:33 AM by RIPLEY

GSP is going to make him look like a can. Diaz is good but should stick to fighting in organizations where no one in his weightclass wrestles.Some of you anti-GSP guys are so delusional but make your silly arguments sound reasonable until you really think it through.

RonFoster77 site profile image  

5/23/11 9:28 AM by RonFoster77

LOL @ 10ers gonna 10..... You right cuz i know nothing about MMA. I respect the fact that instead of just saying something about me being a 10er, you backed it up with an educated response on the possible fight though. You are correct about a few things GSP can take dow Diaz but the question is will Diaz be about to catch him in something. My thought is yes. DIaz is very aggressive on the ground when looking for subs, just being able to take someone like Diaz down is NOT 100 percent victory IMO. NICK will win for sure, Im willing to make a little wager with you as well my friend..  

stalerbro site profile image  

5/22/11 10:58 PM by stalerbro

gsp's toughest fight was bj penn, diaz will whip his scared to throw down ass, all you gsp nuthuggers are lame,diaz wont gas, and isnt scared like your hero, gsp- george scared punk, just another lay and pray performance! and i'll put that at 4-1 odds! you can take that to the bank! diaz was robbed against sanchez, and karo pill popper, daley was one win from title shot, before kos layed on him, diaz will bring it, and wont gas.

FingerorMoon site profile image  

5/22/11 10:38 PM by FingerorMoon

Can we put money on GSP's victory speech:"I am disappointed. I am sorry I did not finish for you all. That was my plan but he is a tough opponent. I take my hat off to im"

rockwell site profile image  

5/22/11 10:35 PM by rockwell

Diaz is +325 dangerous. Worth a flutter.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

5/22/11 10:18 PM by DaemonDragon

I see this line moving slightly in Diaz's direction. Not much though. GSP should win this fight and deserves to be a big favorite. People shouldn't overreact just because he looked bad against Shields.But I think Diaz is the biggest threat GSP has faced since Alves. I did not give Kos much chance at all, and I gave Shields only a very small chance at a sub. I did not think they could handle GSP's pressure.However it may be GSP getting pressured here. GSP loves to have a comfort zone and he will have trouble with that, Diaz is dangerous on the feet and continues to battle off his back. I see GSP using a lot of kicks, but I think he'll try to avoid boxing and won't be aggressive while on top. Diaz is also perhaps the only guy who can match GSP's cardio.Also Diaz hasn't had the cut issues since he got that plastic surgery. Perhaps it actually worked.I'd favor Shields to beat Diaz but Shields was the perfect guy for GSP to get a stoppage against.GSP matched up stylistically great against Shields. Shields is known for his top game but had low odds of every getting on top of GSP. Diaz is more known for his guard. Also Diaz has much better striking than Jake. And is just as durable.So in areas of the fight where it is actually likely to be - on the feet, or GSP on top - Diaz is better than Shields. Saying Shields is better than Nick totally misses how they match up with GSP stylistically.I see GSP winning but I see Diaz pushing GSP.

The Samurai site profile image  

5/22/11 9:50 PM by The Samurai

I agree.I also love to watch Diaz but GSP has always a great game plan to get atleast the W by dec. GSP is bigger,stronger and his wrestling for MMA is awesome.He is the favorite but -425 over Diaz is maybe "too much".I still believe Diaz can win the fight even if i agree with the fact GSP is the best WW of the world right now.He beat everybody :Penn,Shields,Fitch,Alves,Kos,Serra,Hugues etc...We can say we expect more from him sometime but all those W are impressive and we have to accept he is always the huge favorite.He is the Champ!That's for sure an interesting fight....I can't wait to see it ,and for the people who like to bet, it would be a good idea to put some $ on Diaz btw .

Yer_Momma site profile image  

5/22/11 9:00 PM by Yer_Momma

this all sounds about right to me, and I'm a huge Nick fan.  

cincibill site profile image  

5/22/11 8:49 PM by cincibill

Diaz will take the beating for a pay day.