Brock picks Carwin over JDS 'where ever he wants'

by Zach Arnold | source:

Mauro Ranallo asked Brock about the low ratings for TUF this season. Brock said that it’s the 13th season of the show and that Junior Dos Santos is not a household name. He did mention the time slot being an issue, but only in passing.

In regards to the upcoming fight between JDS & Shane Carwin, Brock picked Carwin all the way to win and by ‘wherever he wants to take the fight.’

Mauro Ranallo: “Do you hate Frank Mir?”

Brock Lesnar:  (laughter for 10 seconds) “We’re not going fishing tomorrow, I’ll leave it at that.”

MR: “What about his fight with Roy Nelson on Saturday? I mean, how do you think that fight will unfold? Actually I’ll ask you now, Brock, because I know that you are a fight fan, do you like to watch the fights? Will you still continue to watch PPVs or is the family and everything else first and foremost. Will you be watching the event this Saturday?”

BL: “Um, you know, there’s a good chance, maybe so, but it’s not my priority list but there are fights that I have watched and I have rented before but it’s not very often. I mean, I’m usually outside, we’re usually doing something in the yard or, you know, I’ve got two young boys that take up a lot of my time, you know, right now, you know, between getting them ready for bed and fighting them to get them in bed, so our hands are pretty full.”

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Seamus619 site profile image  

5/26/11 2:14 AM by Seamus619


sgotwalks site profile image  

5/26/11 1:58 AM by sgotwalks

Seriously? Best analogy you could come up with?

slamming site profile image  

5/26/11 1:01 AM by slamming


JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

5/25/11 8:00 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Brock will be working in his yard in Minnesota from 8pm until midnight. Yup. Night gardening is greater than Hamill vs Rampage.

Bobby Sparkle site profile image  

5/25/11 7:35 PM by Bobby Sparkle

Carwin will demolish Dos Santos.

PaulMartinez site profile image  

5/25/11 7:30 PM by PaulMartinez

I bet Carwin hits a whole hell of a lot harder than JDS, may not be as a technical striker as JDS, hits hard than him though

Musashi site profile image  

5/25/11 7:27 PM by Musashi

He fights his boys?They are gonna be a terror.

slamming site profile image  

5/25/11 7:24 PM by slamming

What have you achieved in your life that warrants you judging how successful people live theirs? Im going to guess fuck all. Shut the fuck up.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

5/25/11 7:23 PM by DoomFarmer

Of course he does...

Northside Strangler site profile image  

5/25/11 7:18 PM by Northside Strangler

Brock picked Carwin cause he's never been hit by JDS