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arclight site profile image  

7/13/11 6:16 PM by arclight

"As I already mentioned, I'm a chiropractic student and also pursuing a masters in sports rehabilitation, "Lets get to the nitty gritty. What school and do you believe in subluxation theory?Also do you believe that Chiros are more qualified than MDs when it comes to pathology and diagnosis, and if so, please list logical reasons why.Thanks

Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

6/6/11 7:51 PM by Ninja Tea Party

Can I ask what you, as someone studying medicine, believe in other than research? Because I struggle to think of how you have gained any knowledge without the aid of it. Do chiropractors not do any research? Do they not believe in actually examining the efficacy of their methods and actually having verifiable data on their practices? Because if not it basically proves the point about it being quackery. I believe in research because it is the best tool we have to further our understanding. Accusations of "big pharma" somehow being the only people who fund research is an incredibly insulting slight on the many medical research scientists (many of whom don't earn much by the way) who are working to find cures for diseases which are destroying lives. Are there underhand tactics employed by some large pharmaceutical companies? Without a shadow of a doubt. Is modern medicine rotten to the core with corruption? Well, next time you're in a modern hospital I urge you to wander around and ponder how many of the patients there would be dead only 50 years ago. Research and the hard work of the people in the industry are what is keeping people alive. That's why modern medicine can transplant someone's heart and give them a second chance at life, why people who would have previously been blind can have cataract operations and see again, why we have eradicated a lot of diseases which killed young children and have given these kids a chance at life. Research is why modern medicine is capable of all that, and other methods are still sticking pins in people and nothing much happening.

Dr Schopenhauer site profile image  

6/6/11 7:33 PM by Dr Schopenhauer

Can you then tell us why the art of chiropractics, or whatever, is not in one major legitimate school of higher education? Why are chiropractors not in hospitals? ART is often done by massage therapists. If that's what you want to do, save yourself a ton of money and time and become a massage therapist in only a couple months.Best of luck but you made a terrible career decision. You will likely have to be quite pushy to stay in business and subscribe to much quackery.

allenive21 site profile image  

6/6/11 5:41 PM by allenive21

As I already mentioned, I'm a chiropractic student and also pursuing a masters in sports rehabilitation, I know the battle of chiropractic vs. medical could go on for days but obviously it's hard to sway someone's opinion who is stuck in a certain direction so I'll just mention a few things that I think are key. One, how many people die a year from prescribed medicine? I read one thing that says prescription medicine is 16,400% more deadly than terrorists, ponder that for a moment. I read a number of nearly one million people die a year from modern medicine, shocking right?Two, all chiropractors do not practice the same, I mainly work with soft tissue structures, I won't adjust every patient I see in practice, I mainly do ART (active release technique) which many MMA fighters utilize and even saw a couple doctors on the ultimate fighter using it on the fighters. ART is often seen being used on the sidelines during the NFL season as well.Three, I went to physical therapy school for a year before coming to chiropractic school and I would never trust a physical therapist "manipulating" my spine to do the "same" thing as a chiropractor. The amount of anatomy I've learned here in chiropractic college of the spine and associated structures compared to PT school is phenomenal, I barely understood the spine in PT school.And lastly, for ninja tea party who only believes in research, most of the funding for research is provided by drug companies, it's a flawed process as much as I'd like to believe every study I read, I liken it to the corruptness of politics, the people providing the money get what they want.

ophusker site profile image  

6/6/11 5:02 PM by ophusker

I don't think anyone said all chriro's are bad. There are good ones who know what they are doing. It's just really hard or even impossible to know if one is good or not until maybe it is too late. The fact that they went to chiro school really tells you nothing. Why not just go to an actual doctor that can do the same things a chiro does? Nothing is a sure thing but that next to their MD is much more meaningful and they will have a much higher level of training then your typical chiro. Based on an earlier post it sounds like even the good chiropractors are advising others not to go into that field because it is full of quacks. Why risk it when you can get an actual doctor who can do the same thing with a much higher level of assurance?

MrHensonPredictsEm site profile image  

6/6/11 4:31 PM by MrHensonPredictsEm

 Enough already! Where can I find a singlet like that???

Tenor still 10ing site profile image  

6/6/11 4:02 PM by Tenor still 10ing

Interesting thread and topic. The posts by Ninja Tea Party are very eloquent and highly knowledgeable. I enjoyed reading them.The American Medical Association has in the past referred to chiropractic as "unscientific cult". I will say this: the hospital I used to work in employed about every kind of physician you can name.No chiropractors, though. Does any major hospital in the U.S. employ chiropractors as employees, either directly or as independent contractors?If not, why?Something to consider, as the answer may be quite revealing, imo.Not to jump all over you, or be a dick, but I am merely curious: what is your education level? Do you happen to have a background in science? Or are your posts simply unqualified opinion?

Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

6/6/11 3:30 PM by Ninja Tea Party

Not to labour the point Melissa but you're making the same mistake as Jen, and that is that you're talking about people and not whether Chiropractics is an effective method of treatment or not. I have absolutely no doubt that there are chiropractors out there who have nothing but the best intentions for their patients. I have no doubt that they are good people and are doing what they think is best for their patient. The problem is that even the most well intentioned doctor in the world cannot make an inherently flawed method of treatment work.When you are handed a prescription from your doctor then the deciding factor in whether the medication will work or not is not whether the doctor who wrote you the prescription was an arsehole, or whether the person who served you at the drug store was pleasant, it simply comes down to whether the medication is effective for your ailment or not. If they prescribe a bag of spanners for your bad back then your situation won't improve, regardless of how well intentioned the doctor was. The behaviour of the doctors who shuttled you out of their office without attempting to treat you is not what defined whether modern medicine is quackery or not, it simply reflects their poor standard of care. That's it. You're clearly happy with your chiropractor, and I can only assume they are dedicated to improving your condition and work hard to do so. As has been mentioned earlier in the thread, modern chiropractors use a combination of recognised, standard methods in conjunction with chiropractic methods. As also mentioned there are some chiropractic methods which do have limited benefits for back problems. However, your chiropractor's ability to help their patient would be greatly increased if they didn't waste any time with the aspects of chiropractics which are demonstrably flawed. A quack is simply a "fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill". Is doesn't necessarily mean every chiropractor is dishonest.

Melissa site profile image  

6/6/11 2:20 PM by Melissa

 I have a fantastic chiro in Vegas who, along with my orthopedic doctor and a pain specailist have taken care of a gnarley back injury for me.  Both the ortho and the pain specialist saw me once or twice and sent me back to the chiropractor.  To say all chiro's are quacks and worthless is completely false.  Are they the ones to go to if you have cancer or bronchitis?  Nope.  But those of you who haven't gone to one please don't fall for the negativity on here.  A good chiropractor can work wonders.  Get a referral from a friend if you can, there are quacks out there who just want your money, a friends reccomendation can help you avoid that. And for the record, I've been to a lot of doctors who shuttled me in and out of their offices quickly like cattle without even attempting to figure out the root of the problem, just wrote me a perscription and sent me on my way.  Are they quacks?  Nope, they sure are worthless though.

Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

6/6/11 12:10 PM by Ninja Tea Party

This isn’t a personal dig at Jen The OCaholic Jameson but a lot of pseudoscience rationalisations are rooted in logical fallacies. For example in her (I’m assuming female because of the name, apologies if I’m wrong) reply she doesn’t address any of my points on the subject but addresses me as an individual. Apparently I “have serious issues with people finding results in unconfirmed practices” and “LOL, you sound almost jealousness of people finding relief”. Neither of those points have anything to do with whether acupuncture or chiropractics are effective, they’re simply (negative and incorrect) assumptions about my character. It’s an attitude which highlights the lack of rational approach, since clearly my character can have no bearing on the effectiveness of any treatment. This is a common thread found within the pseudoscientific community, i.e. a failure to deal with facts and instead steer the discussion towards irrelevant distractions. The above doesn’t make me right either of course, I’m just highlighting one of the difficulties when it comes to engaging the pseudoscientific community.