Royce wants Hughes, not Sak, Kimo, Dan, Art, Ken, or Wallid

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Brian Hemminger: How much would it mean to you to get on one last UFC event?

Royce Gracie: I have one more fight, but it's a specific fight only. It's one special fight. If it was against anybody else, ehhhhh, not interested. Been there, done that. There's always a new, better opponent, a tougher opponent. I just want one fight.

BH: Is it Matt Hughes? I think I've read in interviews or some articles that it was Matt Hughes. Is that the guy?

RG: Did I say it? I didn't say that. (laughs) I can't say who it is. Come on. But if you think about it, there's only one more.

BH: The first one I heard that really wanted to fight you was Art Jimmerson, the first guy you ever fought in the UFC. What are your thoughts on Art Jimmerson, the one-glove boxer?

RG: I think he wants to redeem himself for that, for wearing one glove. I win without giving one punch. I think he wants to take at least one punch (laughs).

BH: What about the guy who made more news recently for the fact that people thought he died than anything else, Kimo Leopoldo?

RG: Is he still alive? (laughs) I thought he died too. That was big news all over the place.

BH: What about this guy, he's actually been really active. He's still fighting. He goes around to county fairs and takes on nobodies but he's still fighting at 52 years old, Dan "The Beast" Severn. A man you defeated at UFC 4 in the finals.

RG: Dan is a grandpa now, come on. He definitely should stop fighting. Fighting at county fairs? Come on. He gave me his best shot back then and could not beat me and he got that stuck in his throat.

BH: This guy is in desperate need of a paycheck. He said fighting you at UFC 134 would guarantee to be the biggest pay-per-view ever, Ken Shamrock.

RG: Ken never won a tournament. He's gotta stop, man. I beat him in less than a minute at the first UFC.

BH: Okay, these last two guys have built reputations as guys who can beat Gracies. The first is Sakaraba.

RG: I already had my rematch with him. I'm done with him.

BH: The very last one, I don't know if this is even possible, I don't know if this guy is even alive but Wallid Ismail.

RG: I have no idea about him. He's somewhere in the jungle climbing the coconut trees in Brazil, man.

BH: You haven't said who you want for that last fight, but is he a country boy?

RG: (laughs) I need to show up. My last fight with him, I didn't show up.

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junon site profile image  

6/1/11 7:41 AM by junon

for some reason i dont remember Royce/Sakuraba 2.

People Like Snatch Get Slapped site profile image  

6/1/11 5:01 AM by People Like Snatch Get Slapped

Dude, implying that Royce is gay is just not cool.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

6/1/11 12:26 AM by CLINTK9

LOL again

Calhoon site profile image  

5/31/11 9:46 PM by Calhoon

Are you still talking about mma?

CLINTK9 site profile image  

5/31/11 9:01 PM by CLINTK9

LOL, good one!

People Like Snatch Get Slapped site profile image  

5/31/11 4:51 PM by People Like Snatch Get Slapped

I've sucked for the last 28 years, so we're clearly talking about Royce

Redneck site profile image  

5/31/11 4:36 PM by Redneck

I think the years have been a lot kinder to Royce than they have to Ken.

onepunchJD site profile image  

5/31/11 4:25 PM by onepunchJD

This!But I still love Royce.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

5/31/11 11:56 AM by CLINTK9

Were talking about Royce, not you!

People Like Snatch Get Slapped site profile image  

5/31/11 3:56 AM by People Like Snatch Get Slapped

Sucking for the last 15 years clearly should not matter either.