'Rampage' Jackson defeats Matt Hamill by unanimous decision

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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was a heavy favorite to beat Matt Hamill at UFC 130, and with good reason: As Jackson showed for 15 minutes in the Octagon with Hamill on Saturday night, he was simply the much better fighter, easily winning a unanimous decision.

The fight wasn't particularly entertaining, and the fans in Las Vegas booed at the end. Jackson said afterward that he had a fractured hand and wasn't able to fight the way he wanted to.

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Matt "The Hammer" Hamill Vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Matt Hamill Matt Hamill
Height 6′ 0″ (182.88 cm)
Weight 230 (104.33 kg)
Record 9-2-0
Name Quinton Jackson <a href=Quinton Jackson" />
Height 6′ 1″ (185.42 cm)
Weight 220 (99.79 kg)
Record 29-8-0
Team Wolfslair MMA Academy
Quinton Jackson defeats Matt Hamill via Decision (Unanimous)

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QBBX51 site profile image  

5/30/11 2:19 AM by QBBX51

^^ this ^^

StretchPlum site profile image  

5/29/11 10:09 PM by StretchPlum

Those were amongst the most timid weak shots I ever saw. Hamill expended the least effort I ever saw in a significant match. Didn't even attempt to throw a real jab. Rampage, as usual, did not engage in a high workrate, but didn't need to do much.

AndyMain site profile image  

5/29/11 9:09 PM by AndyMain

I agree the fans deserve great fights and fighters usually do their best to do that. I will agree there are fighters that just ride out victories which I don't agree with at all. However this fight was not like that at all. Rampage completely outclassed Hamill and was putting heat on his punches the whole time.However, though fans deserve great fights, many american fans are not educated enough to even know what a great fight is if it isn't throwing wild shots and looking for the big highlight real KO. A fighter and their camps formulate gameplans and skill sets to become the best fighter they can be. We aren't going to throw our technique and gameplan to the wind just because people are watching and they want to see a slop fest.I believe all fighters should be looking to finish fights. If a fighter trains hard, gets in shape, makes weight, and fights then he's shown his respect to the fans and his opponent. How the fight goes is not totally in our control.

White Goodman site profile image  

5/29/11 9:05 PM by White Goodman

This UFC fad is on its way down.Lol at the queers upset about the crowd booing. I would boo too if I paid over $1k to actually attend that shitty event.

Rookie Fighter site profile image  

5/29/11 9:02 PM by Rookie Fighter

Gotta give rampage his props he fought a perfect game it was a no hitter he just fought. Held hamill to almost no offense. BIG PROPS

AndyMain site profile image  

5/29/11 8:53 PM by AndyMain

Yeah throwing big hooks and knees and some nasty body shots isn't trying to end it? He outclassed Hamill but that doesn't mean Hamill isn't a tough durable guy. Rampage landed some sick shots and most had heat on them and Matt stayed in it. I give Matt credit for his toughness but Rampage looked great.

AndyMain site profile image  

5/29/11 8:49 PM by AndyMain

Thanks, I am not sure how to become a green name. I read the forums a lot but don't post that often so I haven't really looked into it.

Rhoody site profile image  

5/29/11 8:27 PM by Rhoody

Rampage was throwing heavy shots & trying to end the fight, what more can you ask really? I thing rampage did good and gave it 100%.. It's easy to talk when you're not in the cage yourself

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

5/29/11 8:20 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

one of the most boring fights ever. I like both these guys too, but that was trash.

Lanshire site profile image  

5/29/11 7:40 PM by Lanshire

Maybe they're not the ones who are uniformed fans. Maybe you are? Or maybe none of you are but you just have differing opinions? If Rampage was that much better how come he couldn't end it? What usually happens when one fighter is so much better is the fight doesn't go to the judges, at least when that fighter is trying to end it. I agree, Rampage's definitely a more talented fighter and he won the fight but he basically focused on keeping the fight where he wanted and winning on points for this fight just like against Machida.