Hellboy Hansen not concerned about being in the UFC

by Ed Kapp | source: bleacherreport.com

Joachim 'Hellboy' Hansen has competed in some of the world’s biggest organizations—with bouts in Shooto, Pride FC and Dream FC—and holds notable victories over Taknori Gomi, Gesias Cavalcante, Caol Uno, Yves Edwards and Shinya Aoki. He has competed in six different nations and held championship belts in both Shooto and Dream FC.

But the popular Norwegian fighter has thus far successfully evaded competing in the UFC—much to the chagrin of many of the sport’s most passionate fans.

Although the UFC has reportedly tried to court “Hellboy” a number of times, after getting what many believed to be a “low-ball” offer by the UFC following the organization’s acquisition of Pride FC, Hansen decided to take his talent elsewhere—and is yet to look back.

“Yes, I do get a little tired of being asked about the UFC,” Hansen laughed. “True supporters of MMA—alongside the competitors—are the core of the sport...I don’t care if I’ve been overlooked by mainstream fans of the sport—only dead things go mainstream.”

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Eric Bloodaxe site profile image  

6/1/11 6:46 AM by Eric Bloodaxe

Soldave is right. It's not like Ishida is above LnP-ing his way to a W... A bunch of people said that Hansen would lose that fight for the exact same reasons they say he would get crushed in the UFC. Like I've touched on in this thread already, Hansen has beaten Olympic wrestlers more than once. Another example is Miyata who represented Japan in the 2000 Olympics.Of couse, I am wasting my time on some of these guys here.

soldave site profile image  

6/1/11 5:12 AM by soldave

he just took on Ishida and you are saying he is avoiding the potential of getting wrestle fucked?maths fail

DSaint site profile image  

5/31/11 8:54 PM by DSaint

 Joachim--"Yeah, too many guys who will wrestle fuck my record into a losing one. I'll stick with Japan, where the competition is a little easier."

Darth BLAF site profile image  

5/31/11 7:48 PM by Darth BLAF

How dare you besmirch my good name by associating me with the Last Samurai in Cleveland!!!! Outrageous!  

Ghost of That Feel site profile image  

5/31/11 7:44 PM by Ghost of That Feel

Darth BLAF is an account of EVIL YOSHIDA, just fyi.

Darth BLAF site profile image  

5/31/11 7:39 PM by Darth BLAF

Parroting Haulport and a dozen other tedious assholes in here won't make anyone like you, fuckface.

StretchPlum site profile image  

5/31/11 7:32 PM by StretchPlum

"his time has passed anyway unfortunately"Those knees knockouts were the time.

Dongbar13 site profile image  

5/31/11 2:54 PM by Dongbar13

 if he is getting paid for this zuffa should demand a refund

Lamonte Coleman site profile image  

5/31/11 2:46 PM by Lamonte Coleman

darth blaf is such an obvious zuffa shill that the slightest disregard for ufc sets him into a frantic panic. Highly illustrated by his first post on this thread saying "who", as if he doesnt know who he is and doesnt care. This kid is a clown and one of the most obvious paid posters on this forum.

Dongbar13 site profile image  

5/31/11 2:37 PM by Dongbar13

 easy kid. deep breath. your 10 is showing