Alves: I thought I won my fight [vs. Rick Story]

source: MMA:30

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Deaf Forever site profile image  

6/1/11 5:16 AM by Deaf Forever

Story won unquestionably.

People Like Snatch Get Slapped site profile image  

6/1/11 4:59 AM by People Like Snatch Get Slapped

He won one round...he did not win the fight. At all.

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

6/1/11 1:16 AM by NarlyPersianDude

Right on. Story won that fight, and pretty hard to argue that when watching the fight. He did not just outwrestle him, he arguably outstruck him too. Just cause a fight is against a cage does not mean its wall and stall. The examples you gave, show clearly that is not the case. The Randy and Rashad examples where this. Rick Story was active, and trust me, I am a fan of the striking aspect, probably more than any other aspect. This fight was a good example of a fight in close range, that can still be entertaining. Story is just a great all around fighter. DasRy

croy_00 site profile image  

6/1/11 1:06 AM by croy_00

 I was more impressed with Story in this fight. His sheer power and octagon control are what won him that fight. Seriously though, he is a tough kid. I don't think there is many at 170 that could out power Alves like Story did.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

6/1/11 12:53 AM by DaemonDragon

Prior to this fight I did think Alves was slightly overrated but not by a huge margin - Story however was (and still is from the looks of things) underrated.You're right that Story threw many more combos. Alves was more looking for single shots. Story always rips punches in combinations, working the body and head. Overall the standup was even - Alves landed the hardest shots, Story landed many more shots.Story has good standup and brings tons of pressure. We saw how Hendricks couldn't really deal with the pressure - Story bullied Hendricks against the cage repeatedly too, and Hendricks face gave the impression he just didn't want to be there anymore. Bullying a wrestler like Hendricks in that fashion is not easy. Story has serious talent, and is much more aggressive than people are making it sound.

MikeyA518 site profile image  

5/31/11 10:20 PM by MikeyA518

 I gotta be honest, I think Story actually had the batter striking in this fight.  Thiago is overrated man.  At this point in the game is striking isn't that deadly.  I thought overtime they exchanged Story actualy through better combos and mixed in the TD smoothly.

sacredhate site profile image  

5/31/11 10:08 PM by sacredhate

Story won fairly...and I can't find anything about the way Story won to criticize. he was the underdog and this was a jump up in competition for him....and the final result is much more meaningful to his future than an exciting fight of the night that earned him a loss would be.My problem is that I think Alves should have and could have won if he'd had a better or corner or started his 3rd round gameplan and mentality in round 2.Thus, my issue with the fight is that I think Alves lost the fight more than I believe Story won the fight.Congrats to Story for jumping up in competition level and getting the job done.

JFA1 site profile image  

5/31/11 9:57 PM by JFA1

29-28 for Story. Not even Cecil could get this one wrong

domernd1 site profile image  

5/31/11 7:44 PM by domernd1

Story is that guy who may not be as talented as everyone else, but just fights way harder an usually comes put with the W.

edokaz666 site profile image  

5/31/11 7:06 PM by edokaz666

Story won and that was very clear and no debate to itStory wall n Stalled? did you miss the knees to the legs? the takedowns and striking? control of the pace? the aggressor? the one who was in a dominate position 95% of the fightthere is no argument to how Thiago won. he was outstrikes, grapple and beaten. his face shows it