Were Rampage's actions in recent interview unprofessional, inappropriate?

by Maggie Hendricks | source: yahoo.com

After his UFC 130 win over Matt Hamill this Memorial Day Weekend, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson was interviewed by MMA Heat's Karyn Bryant. Jackson was very playful in the interview and some comments may be considered in appropriate, and Yahoo's Maggie Hendricks was not a fan:

His act is tired and old, yet we continue to interview the man and give him the publicity he needs to further his career, and that's where MMA media is making the mistake. He thinks it's funny to assault the people who cover his fights, who write about his movie, who give him a stage to show off the "Rampage" persona.

Let's stop doing that. Take away his stage. Don't ask him questions in press conferences, don't cover his every move, don't give him another chance to assault reporters. He may think his act is funny and cute, but there is one way to ensure that no one else finds it funny or cute. Don't cover it.

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Today, MMAHeat's Karyn Bryant gave an exclusive interview to LowKick.com, explaining her side of the story and why she wasn't offended by Rampage's actions:

You went under fire recently for what happened with Rampage. Many journalists are writing articles about how you should get offended and why what Rampage did was wrong. What do you think about this whole thing?

What happened between me and Rampage was different from what happened to the CagePotato girl. He didn't touch me, and we were just laughing and having fun. If I didn't feel comfortable about it, I would say something, don't you think so? I wasn't worried about it at all. I mean, would tell him to back off if I didn't feel okay with it.

And also, it's not your first interview with Rampage...

Yeah, exactly. And people are also giving me a hard time about the "black fans" question. I was really interested about his fan base, and how it's growing with that group of people. It was a real question.

There's also a transcript of your "Motorboat" conversation with Rampage Jackson on MMAFighting (by Michael David Smith), and I have to say when you're reading a text version – you're getting a totally different impression than actually watching the video, and understand that there's a friendly vibe and it's nothing but a good humor.

Yes. Everyone who seen any of my interviews knows my personality. I'm all about giving more fun interviews, entertaining the fans, joking and stuff like that. I'm not an uptight person.

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