Johnson injured, Rick Story in vs. Marquardt for Versus 5 main event


Big change to Pittsburgh card - Anthony Johnson injured, @NathanMarquardt will now face @Rick_Story in the main event!

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Chris Black site profile image  

6/3/11 6:22 PM by Chris Black

They are a load of shit! Never happen, it's all political bullshit and easy way for UFC to change plans. Ghey, imo.

JeremyLambert88 site profile image  

6/3/11 5:30 PM by JeremyLambert88

Good fight. Story could be catching Marquardt at the right time. This'll be the first cut for Nate and Story is still in fight shape. Story might have some trouble with Nate's reach though.

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

6/3/11 5:26 PM by CRBMoney14

This is how often guys trying to prove themselves should be fighting.

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

6/3/11 5:20 PM by DanTheWolfman

Damn, Story is one mentally tough dude that wants to push himself....thiago, Marquedt

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

6/3/11 5:18 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 goly it seems like story just fought yesterday, now another fight right away...

Turd Furguson site profile image  

6/3/11 2:17 PM by Turd Furguson

so johnson couldn't cut to 170 AGAIN and is faking an injury?

dcvillain site profile image  

6/3/11 2:08 PM by dcvillain

Im taking Rick to win this fight.

Client 9 site profile image  

6/3/11 1:43 PM by Client 9

 **this is going to be a good fecking fight. right now, even with marquardt's proven ability, i cannot call it.

bryanand site profile image  

6/3/11 11:32 AM by bryanand

I highly doubt we will see a huge difference in striking in this fight, Story went toe to toe with Thiago for alot of his last fight and Thiago is a more seasoned striker then Nate.