Werdum: Overeem, I will break you once again

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6/9/11 5:01 PM by MMApostle


DoomFarmer site profile image  

6/9/11 5:00 PM by DoomFarmer

^People have mis-attributed Fedor's piss poor gameplan in the Werdum fight as Werdum progressing as a fighter.Fedor handed Werdum that triangle on a silver platter...lets not pretend like he didn't.Werdum will get dominated in the feet...won't be able to get Overeem to the ground.Reem via TKO, 2nd round.

MMApostle site profile image  

6/9/11 4:54 PM by MMApostle

I don't get why people think as soon as it goes to the ground it's all over. Werdum CAN NOT hang with Overeem on the feet, but Overeem CAN hang with Werdum on the ground, at least long enough to stand back up. In there first fight Reem was on the ground with Werdum for a long time before he got subbed.

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6/9/11 12:53 PM by Dogman


DoomFarmer site profile image  

6/8/11 10:57 PM by DoomFarmer

Why does it always come to that with you guys?I like the aggression he fights with and I think he will overwhelm Werdum, and he certainly won't be jumping into Werdum's guard like Fedro did.Remember the last time someone tried to clinch up with Reem to get a takedown in an MMA fight?The guy got tossed to the side like a sack of shit and his career came to a screeching halt in that single moment, so those muscles you guys keep harping about came in handy, yeah?

HELWIG site profile image  

6/8/11 10:52 PM by HELWIG

 " Let's not forget, VerDoom beat Antonio Silva and slapped the shit out of Gonzaga." He actually beat Gonzaga twice. And people dont realize the psychology of fighting and how important of an aspect that is. Overeem has been mentally broken many times. Werdum has one loss to JDS where he was knocked out and decision losses to Sergei and AA(where he slapped him directly in the face for no apparent reason). Werdum has transformed to an A level HW. Reem has mostly just gotten much bigger and stronger. But he is without a doubt very dangerous. The 10-11 crowd is letting their enjoyment of his body cloud their rational thinking.

Ihearyabuddy site profile image  

6/8/11 10:44 PM by Ihearyabuddy

overeem via knee to the grill

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

6/8/11 10:01 PM by ChaosOverkill

Spinning backlists: no can defend

unclewang site profile image  

6/8/11 9:22 PM by unclewang

Werdum is a very good BJJ guy. That's it. This is going to be murder in the first round by the Reem.