Leo Vieira wants rematch with Eddie Bravo; Bravo not interested

source: tatame.com

“I’ve never seen something like the winner of a match challenging the one who loss to a rematch. I guess he should be challenging me. I don’t want to get into what’s going on between Royler and Eddie Bravo, but if the challenge came from Bravo, it doesn’t make any sense. There’re rumors that it might not even happen, and in case they offer me the chance to fight, I’d love to, it’d be great”, commented Leonardo, who’d like a change against Bravo.

“On our bout he told I didn’t pressure him enough when I tried to choke him and that he believes a lot on his rubber guard. He claims that he has an injured rib and that’s why he didn’t do his best, so that’d be a good reason for us to fight again. In my opinion, this bout would be perfect, since he’d have the chance to show us his rubber guard. He’d have a rematch and the chance to prove that my win over him was a lucky incident or if I was good enough to break his guard… I believe a lot in my game”, guaranteed Vieira.

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From: EddieBravo
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First Quincy Rice challenged me on the internet, then bjj black belts Alberto Crane, Parrumpinha, Caio Terra, and now Leo Viera.

This is all very flattering but none of these match ups are gonna happen, only the legendary Royler Gracie can bring me out of retirement

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Dabeskeptsecret site profile image  

6/10/11 9:31 AM by Dabeskeptsecret

Eddie was the same guy getting with his guard vs. Leo, as he was with Royler. There was no dump of any sort, and thats just another way to make an excuse. Again i'd like to reference Mike Fowler at Abu Dhabi. He beat both Saulo Ribeiro, *AND* Renzo Gracie *IN THE SAME DAY*, but he didnt suffer from any type of adrenaline dump. Nor did he go out and create an entire affiliation because he beat a Gracie, and that wasnt Fowler's first time beating a Gracie either.Royler figured out Eddie's guard early on, and passed it, more than once. Eddie used his Butterfly hook to get his guard back, and the same thing just happened again. Then during the end of the match Eddie used a sequence that JJM is known for being sick at, and thats how he got Eddie.The match right after (the one where he says his ribs were hurt and thats why he lost), he fought Leozinho (who had been watching Royler vs. Eddie). Leozinho knew he'd pass Eddie's guard, but now knew that he'd be looking to use that butterfly hook to get his guard back, so Leo wasnt having it.Oh, and BTW, someone else mentioned that Eddie beat some world champion at ADCC prior to fighting Royler. The person Eddie fought was Gustavo Dantas, and he was not a Black Belt world champion (you have to win the Mundials to claim that title).

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

6/10/11 3:38 AM by da Vinci 81

Lots of top grapplers stop teaching to train and compete in tournaments all the time.

Jsteven site profile image  

6/10/11 3:19 AM by Jsteven

Eddie against any of those guys would be awesome but It would be cool as a fan to see the Leozhino rematch since the Royler one is obviously not going to happen.

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/10/11 3:18 AM by FenceGrab

Would you put your job aside for less money?

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/10/11 3:17 AM by FenceGrab

That's the game though.Its pointless to even bring up.The only thing that matters is what happens on the mat,in the cage, etc...

Tom Gavrilos site profile image  

6/10/11 3:12 AM by Tom Gavrilos

No one including Eddie has taken any credit away from Leo; he is amazing.  I don't like to make excuses for anybody but can you imagine the huge adrenaline dump Eddie had after having, as a Brown Belt!, not just beaten but finished the legendary Royler Gracie?  Watch the Leo match.  He lost before they even got going. He was not the same person who competed against Royler.  That same determination was not there and the aftermath of celebrating such an amazing feat, receiving his BB and being congratulated by so many all in one night has got to drain the tank. Im not saying if it happened all over again he would not have won, Im simply pointing out that more things than the match itself come into play that night.  Just linking it and saying "look how bad he got owned" is like quoting something out of context.  I think Royler needs to keep his word so we can move forward and see the fight. Like it or not this is the match everyone remembers and this is the re-match that people want to see most.     

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

6/10/11 12:44 AM by KevinMcAllister

^^^maybe Royler is all fat now livin' like a playboy.maybe he likes Twizzlers.I like Twizzlers


6/9/11 11:56 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 I do think Royler would win the rematch; likely on points........ wich is why I don't get why he doesn't do it.

Baroquen Record site profile image  

6/9/11 11:53 PM by Baroquen Record

doesnt matter Royler is gonna thrash Bravo anyway

mortician site profile image  

6/9/11 11:49 PM by mortician

ttt. FOR Quincy Rice/Eddie Bravo rematch.