ADCC charging reporters $400-$655 to cover event?


ADCC charging between $400-655 USD for media credentials for the Championships this year in Nottingham is both depressing and absurd.

Jordan Breen's official Twitter...

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W A T site profile image  

6/9/11 8:05 PM by W A T

How else are they going to pay Royler's show fee?

Art Corvelay site profile image  

6/9/11 1:34 PM by Art Corvelay

I blame the internet and MMA websites (which are already an embarrassing mockery of the ordinary standards of journalism) for convincing a douche at every gym with a name coach or training partner that he can make a name for himself with a video camera or a mic.At least the dumb girls who do it are attractive know-nothings.

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

6/9/11 1:31 PM by LayzieTheSavage

 LoL It definitely is not from my fighting abilities. 

Fight! UK Online site profile image  

6/9/11 1:31 PM by Fight! UK Online

There are lots of legitimate outlets that won't be going because of the price tag. There's just no way of justifying that outlay for the content for most.

Alumynabjj site profile image  

6/9/11 1:28 PM by Alumynabjj

Well we didnt think it was from your fighting abilities.

Magnum TA site profile image  

6/9/11 1:25 PM by Magnum TA

ADCC has never been about trying to get more viewership or making profits.

Art Corvelay site profile image  

6/9/11 1:22 PM by Art Corvelay

Let's be honest--these people are not journalists, they are fanboys with blogs. I don't support ADCC's leadership, and don't think that the community should give them a free pass simply because they do something good for the sport. However, this is a decision I agree with.I support charging $655 simply to prevent Jordan Breen from attending.

jacktripper site profile image  

6/9/11 1:17 PM by jacktripper

come on guys... those golden toilets the shieks shiet in dont buy themselves

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

6/9/11 1:11 PM by LayzieTheSavage

and that's where the savage part comes in.