Carwin, are you the biggest, scariest nerd ever?


Dave Deibert: You were a three-time academic all-American in college, with degrees in mechanical engineering and environmental technology, and you still work full time at an engineering company. I ask this with all due respect: has there ever been a bigger, scarier nerd than you?

Shane Carwin: It’s funny you say that. We were sitting in the airport. There’s a kid (James Head) fighting (at UFC 131). He’s smarter than me. He’s a petroleum engineer. It kind of goes electrical engineer, chemical, petroleum, then mechanical. If he was a civil engineer, I wouldn’t think so much of him (laughs). But he’s petroleum. I looked at him and thought ‘What are you doing fighting, dude?’ And then I thought to myself, ‘That’s a dumb question. What am I doing fighting?’

DD: Tell me something you love to do that shows the geeky side of Shane Carwin.

SC: On my phone I’m been playing some geek engineer game where I build (things) and see if trains can drive over it.

DD: That’s pretty geeky.

DD: You’re a veteran of the promotional side of things by now, but when you first started with UFC, did you ever practice your mean face in the mirror before your photo and video shoots?

SC:  Nah, I think my face is probably ugly enough that I didn’t have to practice.

DD: When your son, Kamden, plays the UFC Undisputed video game, does he play as you or another fighter?

SC: I think he plays it as me when I’m down there with him. When I’m gone, I think he trades off and plays as other guys.

DD: He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

SC: He’s sensitive to dad.

DD: When your daughter, Alexis, starts dating, are you going to have your fights playing on the TV when the boy comes by, just to remind him what you did for a living?

SC: I already have a plan for this. When my daughter starts dating, I’m going to take that boy’s dad out on a date that night . . . I can’t do nothing to the boy but I can do something to his dad.

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Middle Easy: What was the first thing you ever punched? A school yard fight? angry and punched a wall? did you show incredible power even then?

Shane Carwin: The only fight I have ever been in was with my brothers. Aside from that I think MMA was the first time that I ever threw a punch with bad intentions.

ME: What round does this fight end? Your official prediction.

SC: I expect that it will end late in the first or early in the second.

ME: How has your life at your day job changed in the last 18 months?

SC: I was back to work right after the Lesnar fight and I was back training pretty quickly too. I love to be busy and my job and training provide the necessary distractions.

ME: Break down the top 5 heavyweights in the UFC. in your opinion who is where and who is fighting Cain next?

SC: 1) Cain 2) Junior 3) Brock 4) Me 5) Mir I will be fighting Cain next.

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6/11/11 6:26 AM by CarwinKOsCain1stRound


SmasherSnu site profile image  

6/11/11 2:28 AM by SmasherSnu

crazy he still keeps a full time "real job" on the side...i bet hes rakin in some dough.

joe k site profile image  

6/11/11 2:23 AM by joe k

I don't get it, but I really like Carwin (no homo)

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6/10/11 8:17 PM by Zamiel

"I can kick your ass." > "My dad can kick your dad's ass."

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6/10/11 4:20 PM by Tru Technique

Carwins son can never lose an argument, if all else fails the "my dad can kick your dads ass" line wins. Especially since it would be true.If I had to be a nerd I'd want to be Shane Carwin LoL...

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6/10/11 1:33 PM by RickStorm

My dad can beat up your dad wait wut who's your dad!! LOL

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6/10/11 1:29 PM by Rawbass

Three-time academic all-American, how awesome is that!? Even more respect for Mr. Carwin! Kick some ass on Saturday!

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6/10/11 1:12 PM by Ron Simpson

JosephRyanBoydJoseph Ryan®@MMAOdds RT @Sportsbook_com: Shane Carwin, opened as +160 vs Junior Dos Santos. Carwin now +135, & he just cracked the Top 10 Bets.