Junior Dos Santos beats Shane Carwin by brutal unanimous decision

by Michael David Smith | source: yahoo.com
Junior Dos Santos earned himself a shot at the Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight title with a championship-level dismantling of Shane Carwin.

Dos Santos garnered his shot later this year against champion Cain Velasquez by dominating Carwin with his boxing. Dos Santos knocked Carwin down with a right hand late in the first round and nearly finished off the big man on the ground.

For the rest of the fight, dos Santos used a stiff jab and great takedown defense to easily defeat Carwin, a former interim champion. The judges had it scored 30-27 twice and 30-26. Yahoo! Sports saw it 30-27 for Dos Santos.

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Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos Vs. Shane Carwin
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Junior Dos Santos <a href=Junior Dos Santos" src="http://img.mixedmartialarts.com/method=get&s=999790B7-1D09-6BFC-E5E44931AE9DA5FE.jpg" />
Height 6′ 4″ (193.04 cm)
Weight 235 (106.59 kg)
Record 12-1-0
Name Shane Carwin <a href=Shane Carwin" src="http://img.mixedmartialarts.com/method=get&s=A50FBC24-1D09-6BFC-E530E6D7D2F54027.jpg" />
Height 6′ 2″ (187.96 cm)
Weight 265 (120.2 kg)
Record 11-1-0
Junior Dos Santos beats.Shane Carwin by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)


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Naphtali site profile image  

6/13/11 3:32 AM by Naphtali

But indeed a lot of respect to Shane Carwin, the man kept going and going!A true soldier man!!!And JDS for his technique!!Respect to both fighters!!!

Naphtali site profile image  

6/13/11 3:30 AM by Naphtali

I'm sorry but some guys are killing me here hahahahahahahahhahahhahaaJDS was about to tap hahahahahahahahahahaahahaIt was clearly he knew it was over and was waiting for Carwin to let go because of the bel.hahahha but it was funny though these comments hahahathanx for the laughing you guys :-)hahhhhaah

BobD site profile image  

6/12/11 9:02 PM by BobD

 Update from Carwin's blog: www.shane-carwin.com/profiles/blogs/ufc-131-post-fight-blog

YonYones site profile image  

6/12/11 4:59 PM by YonYones

Cecil Peoples scored the bout 30-26 in favor of Shane Carwin

diggity site profile image  

6/12/11 3:26 PM by diggity

didn't prove anything. i hope Shane sucks your ass.

Jack Carter site profile image  

6/12/11 3:11 PM by Jack Carter


diggity site profile image  

6/12/11 2:12 PM by diggity

I like Brock...... but fucking hell, can't see him beating JDS. never know with the big guys but fucking hell he looked savage.