Overeem: I'll be looking for the knockout from round 1

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Alistair Overeem still remembers his 2006 loss to Fabricio Werdum (see below), but he says when they meet again in Strikeforce, everyone can expect a much different outcome.

5 years later both fighters have taken dramatic turns in their careers, but separate paths have led to Overeem and Werdum meeting again. Overeem has packed on nearly 50lbs of muscle. The Golden Glory fighter has won his last nine fights in a row in MMA and became the 2010 K-1 Grand Prix champion.

“This fight is going to be different than the last time. You’re going to see a way more aggressive Alistair Overeem, and I’ll be looking for the knockout from the first second,” said Overeem.

“I have a lot of motivation, believe me. I’m just happy. I’m just happy this fight is happening. I wanted to fight Fabricio then the tournament came around, for me and excellent opportunity to fight him. I’m motivated, you’re going to see that next week exactly how motivated I am.”

“Of course (Werdum has) been training for my weapons, for my arsenal and I believe he’s confident, I’m very confident. It’s going to be very interesting to see how it plays out."

“Let’s just say I’m ready,” Overeem said about a potential ground fight with Werdum. “I feel ready, I’ve been ready for a couple of weeks now and I’m just very eager to step in the cage and show all the fans what I got.”

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Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum
Date     This Saturday, June 18, 2011
Venue     American Airlines Center
City     Dallas, Texas


Overeem vs. Werdum I, Pride GP 2006


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FrankMirFan site profile image  

6/13/11 8:55 PM by FrankMirFan

KO of the Week: Dos Santos Takes out Werdum - Free videos are just a click away Welcome back to Zuffa Werdum enjoy your stay it is going to last as long as it did last time SON!

FrankMirFan site profile image  

6/13/11 8:53 PM by FrankMirFan

 Not far from the truth. The Reem V. Cain/JDS would be more accurate of #1 status.

thedoom site profile image  

6/13/11 8:52 PM by thedoom

This fight determines the best HW in the world

Ron Simpson site profile image  

6/13/11 7:34 PM by Ron Simpson

If Overeem keeps it standing he knocks out Werdum...

The Samurai site profile image  

6/13/11 7:09 PM by The Samurai

Like Werdum but Overeem can really knock him out in the first Rd.Can't wait to see this fight!

herculestex1 site profile image  

6/13/11 12:05 PM by herculestex1

imo Ubereem is for real and he will win, but that will get him top 10 status anyways. nothing more.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

6/13/11 11:36 AM by Chimonos Revenge

This is true.The problem i have with the second type however, is that it is completely meaningless. Until the fights actually go down, opinion based who-beats-who is worthless.Look at past history, and all the fighters that have been called the best by fans, without the results to back it up.Manhoef was going to destroy everyone in MMA based on his K-1 accomplishments. Didnt work out so well did it?The only legitimate, reasonable line of thinking to call someone the best, is actual fight results.Everything else is speculation, which means absolutely zero until the fights actually go down.The first example is realistic, the 2nd example is fanboyism.By all rights, on paper, the '07 patriots should have smashed the giants in the superbowl, but they didnt when the game actually got played. Fights are no different.

Yelm site profile image  

6/13/11 11:24 AM by Yelm

 Does he have potential, sure he does.  But until he fights somebody a bit more legit than Buentello, Fujita and the rest of the nowhere near top ten heavies I will relegate him to non top ten.  I do not believe he is anything but a bulkier version of the guy who was a beast for a few minutes then got beaten down so many times in Pride against legit top competition.  I could be wrong but I doubt it. 

tiki121 site profile image  

6/13/11 10:39 AM by tiki121

hes my son

anunaki site profile image  

6/13/11 10:34 AM by anunaki