Dana White: Herb Dean is the best ref in the history of MMA

source: mmaweekly.com

“I don’t know this guy, we don’t hang out, I’ve never said ‘hi’ to him, never said two words to him…Herb Dean is the best referee in the business,” UFC President Dana White told MMAWeekly.com following UFC 131.

“He’s the best referee ever in the history of the sport.”

“Sometimes these guys get nervous or scared or don’t want to be booed, you’re the referee, you’re in charge in there. You make the decisions. (Junior Dos Santos) says ‘stop the fight’, and (Herb Dean) says ‘I’m not going to stop the fight, I think this guy can continue’ and sure enough he could."

“The other thing that he did earlier was in the Nick Ring fight. When he stopped the fight and then stood them up, he put them back down on the ground, both fighters were arguing with him over what the position was when they started and he said ‘no, what you had was this technique’ and said exactly what they had. Half the referees, maybe all the referees, wouldn’t know what the f--- he meant."

“If I’m a fighter and I’m in there and my record is on the line, my money’s on the line, everything, I want to see Herb Dean standing in that Octagon in between me and the next fighter."

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Dogman site profile image  

6/14/11 11:45 AM by Dogman

This and the fact he to much of a presents in the cage. As in boxing a good reff is one you dont realize is there. TTT FOR HERB HE'S THE BEST!

Archangel site profile image  

6/14/11 11:06 AM by Archangel

Thats just Dana taking a poke at BJM. He is obviously butt hurt

Coolface_Awesomeson site profile image  

6/14/11 10:39 AM by Coolface_Awesomeson

http://img.mixedmartialarts.com/method=get&s=ref-ug-sign.png...and then a hero comes along.

ShaqNoob site profile image  

6/13/11 8:42 PM by ShaqNoob

After the huge mistake he did in the Matt Brown Pete Sell there's no way he can be the best ref. No. Way.

Fudge Cake site profile image  

6/13/11 8:31 PM by Fudge Cake

I always said Yuji Shimada and Herb Dean were the best refs in the business. There was a period where I thought Herb was on the decline but once he retired from fighting, he got even better at reffing.

The Samurai site profile image  

6/13/11 8:28 PM by The Samurai

Herb Dean is a good ref.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

6/13/11 7:44 PM by ABE FROMAN

Dana is 100% correct, Herb is an ACTIVE ref which means he does more than standups and breaks without over-reffing. He actually KNOWS the rules inside and out. We need judges like him.

Zyto site profile image  

6/13/11 7:39 PM by Zyto

herb dean should have stopped the fight imo, carwin was taking way too much damage

Client 9 site profile image  

6/13/11 7:16 PM by Client 9