Dana White: NY, stop fighting this sport

by Dana White | source: nydailynews.com

If you've paid any attention to mixed martial arts over the past decade, you know the sport has exploded. It has the highest pay-per-view numbers of any sporting event, is broadcast on numerous cable, satellite and network television stations, enjoys mainstream sponsorships and has a large and diverse fan base. It is sanctioned in 45 of 48 U.S. states that have athletic commissions and across Canada and Australia.

Unfortunately, MMA fans in New York are forced to enjoy the sport from afar. Here in New York, MMA is totally banned.

It's long past time to overturn that prohibition. It's a safe and respectable sport that's every bit as legitimate as boxing or professional football.

I won't pretend to be objective. I run the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the single most popular MMA promotion company. While I think that our fans here in New York and the city would profit immensely from legalization, it will also certainly affect my bottom line.

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Please take two minutes to call your Assembly member and ask them to support mixed martial arts and to call for a full Assembly vote. Be sure to tell them that you live in their district. Be firm but polite.

To find out who your Assembly member is and their phone number, simply CLICK HERE and fill in your street address and zip code below.

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ABE FROMAN site profile image  

6/13/11 8:45 PM by ABE FROMAN

We're going to keep pressuring these guys, I think it's time for another Legalize MMA rally.

sakbjj site profile image  

6/13/11 8:37 PM by sakbjj

more importantlywhy is dana ducking a juggalo? AFTER calling him out and offering to fly him in to beat his ass?no budo

mcpeepants232003 site profile image  

6/13/11 8:03 PM by mcpeepants232003

everything is about Zuffa vs Non Zuffa to smoogy.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

6/13/11 7:26 PM by Hong Kong Phooey


Ron Simpson site profile image  

6/13/11 7:17 PM by Ron Simpson


TexDeuce site profile image  

6/13/11 7:14 PM by TexDeuce

Needed some F bombs for authenticity

Ron Simpson site profile image  

6/13/11 6:39 PM by Ron Simpson

If someone wants to e-mail this link to Sheldon Silver..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBdG_1BHbb0

Ron Simpson site profile image  

6/13/11 6:13 PM by Ron Simpson

State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is an axxxole.

CindyO site profile image  

6/13/11 6:08 PM by CindyO

 This. Cindy

Canooke site profile image  

6/13/11 5:57 PM by Canooke

I'm sure the man's made a few mistakes. But that's no reason to be calling him an axle!