Couture: Werdum will beat Overeem

by Tom Atencio | source: afflictionvideos

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ortman166 site profile image  

6/28/11 6:01 PM by ortman166

Well to be fair "if he hadn't buttflopped so many times he would have won!" lol

Zomby site profile image  

6/14/11 2:34 PM by Zomby

Remember back when he first came out of retirement and beat tim sylvia for the title, and had amazing predictions. Well those days are gone...Overeem by ko in the first.

ortman166 site profile image  

6/14/11 12:26 PM by ortman166

Lol... "Hammil will beat rampage", "Roy Nelson will beat frank Mir"

suess site profile image  

6/14/11 11:59 AM by suess

 where brahmabull at?

ultimateCalo site profile image  

6/14/11 11:55 AM by ultimateCalo

Why does he keep saying Overeem is reckless hahahahaHe's so clueless I think Machida caused brain damage

grafzep site profile image  

6/14/11 11:45 AM by grafzep

Fedor always stays in the guard too. He's beaten the shit out of the some of the best bjj practioners from that position so why wouldn't he stay.

slamming site profile image  

6/14/11 8:50 AM by slamming

Lets not forget that Randy picked both Gonzaga over Cro Cop and Jardine over Liddell.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

6/14/11 8:43 AM by Chimonos Revenge

He's always been a killer with his BJJ. Where have you been?

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

6/14/11 8:42 AM by Chimonos Revenge

OH no, kind of like Nelson was going to beat Mir?

fna site profile image  

6/14/11 7:39 AM by fna