Atencio: I hope Barnett gets knocked out

by Tom Atencio | source:

Affliction co-owner and former fight promoter Tom Atencio is pretty confident that Josh Barnett is going to win his fight against Brett Rogers when they hook 'em up this Saturday night (June 18) at Strikeforce: "Fedor vs. Werdum" from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Atencio cites "The Babyface Assassin's" experience and well-rounded skills, particularly in the grappling department, where Barnett has secured 17 of his 29 wins by submission.

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Jaybrone site profile image  

6/15/11 1:06 AM by Jaybrone

Affliction and Strikeforce and all these other promotions that have failed all fail for similar reasons. They grossly overpay fighters. Look at the UFC their biggest fighters don't make the money that Affliction was forking over to lesser known or guys bordering on irrelevant.

StretchPlum site profile image  

6/15/11 12:47 AM by StretchPlum

I've decided to back K-Dub with no knowledge of the facts, as a friend. Anyone can agree after evaluating a topic...means nothing.

Team GDP site profile image  

6/15/11 12:46 AM by Team GDP

FRB - I didn't see your earlier post where you talked about the lawsuit and how they weren't friends after the lawsuit. I was responding to you saying he never publicly bashed him. I did just see you were referring to right after the collapse.

frontrowbrian site profile image  

6/15/11 12:16 AM by frontrowbrian

look at the timeline.... Tom wasn't bashing Josh prior to November 2009 What happened November 2009? M1 Global filed suit. As soon as the suit was filed, Tom changed his tune. If there was no lawsuit, I bet Tom and JB would still be friends. Affliction has racked up a ton of legal fees defending themsevles against M1 and I really can't see how M1 will lose if it goes to trial. They were promised a fight for Fedor. They held up their end of the deal and Affliction didn't deliver. The desolution of Affliction Entertainment isn't going to save Affliction Clothing from paying up  

Team GDP site profile image  

6/15/11 12:10 AM by Team GDP should look at the time when the article you posted was published and when this was published.tom originally had nothing bad to say but later changed his tune

Raedune site profile image  

6/15/11 12:09 AM by Raedune

 I met Atencio at a club in Pontiac, Michigan (gogo Tonics) just before the UFC in Detroit.  I didn't recognize him but I saw the tats and the affliction shirt and thought he might be a trainer/fighter and said hello. Long story short, he asked me if I was going to the UFC event and I said the tickets were too expensive.  Well he told me to meet up with him the next day and he would give me VIP seats he had comp'd to him by the UFC. I had killer seats.  He even had a mini entourage...that was fairly lol but a solid move on his part to share some MMA love.

frontrowbrian site profile image  

6/14/11 11:53 PM by frontrowbrian Affliction folded just days before it was scheduled to hold its third event Josh Barnett tested positive, leaving Fedor Emelianenko without an opponent Tom Atencio said he doesn't blame Barnett and has no ill will toward him 

Jenny Wishbone site profile image  

6/14/11 11:43 PM by Jenny Wishbone

Who probably dates 9s and 10s.

Jenny Wishbone site profile image  

6/14/11 11:39 PM by Jenny Wishbone

So pathetic that he runs a very successful, multi-million dollar high-end clothing company. Ya - what a loser.


6/14/11 8:34 PM by K-Dub-"T"

And my <3 for Cindy grows... vtfu for the pwnage assistance. I was gonna search for it, but didn't want to give the souless stalker ammo to keep on jacking my swagger.