Marquardt: Win over Story puts me near the top of division


Game plan for Rick Story:

There’s a lot of differences between [Rick Story] and Anthony Johnson, obviously.  My game plan against Johnson was very basic and my game plan against story is also very basic.  So it’s not a huge change for me.  A last minute change like that, it can be tough if it’s a huge difference in game plans, but for me it’s not.

What a win would mean for his career:

I guess it will put me at the top [of the welterweight division].  Rick’s a very tough guy.  He just beat Alves, who is a former world title contender.  I’m just excited for the opportunity.

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twodragunns site profile image  

6/15/11 2:22 AM by twodragunns

Story will wrestle fuck Nate for 3 rounds like Sonnen did to Nate, will be another boring performance by Horror Story.It will be interesting to see if Nate is the bigger and stronger man when they fight.

Billy Butcher site profile image  

6/15/11 12:56 AM by Billy Butcher

I'm very interested to see how Nate translates his skills at welterweight. That being said, I'm hoping Story smashes him. I can see The Horror Story ruling the top of the division and maybe actually bringing a challenge to GSP. He has an unrelenting attack and looked incredible in the Alves fight.On a side note, I'm so sick of these guys dropping in weight and assuming they deserve a title shot after one fucking fight! No you don't Nate. If you beat Story, which is a big IF, you'll need to take out Fitch, Kos, or Shields to truly deserve a title shot.

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

6/15/11 12:28 AM by NarlyPersianDude

Hey I dont think he gets past Rick Story, I think Story is gonna beat him up. We will find out, yaknow.

superCalo site profile image  

6/15/11 12:23 AM by superCalo

I expect Fitch to be larger than Marquardt at wW, Marquardt is a blown up average sized wW who put on 30 lbs of muscle mass with the corrsponding expodential growth in head and jaw size, while Fitch is a natural huge wW. Fitch is taller and will I expect outweight Marquart by 10 lbs.Fitch clearly has superior wrestling creditentials as compared to Marquardt, although the stats you have given are interesting and perhaps suggest Marquardt had improved alot.

nogblublt site profile image  

6/15/11 12:09 AM by nogblublt

Nate was one of the bigger 185 lb fighters can't imagine how he's gonna look at 170, and if his strength and stamina follow over he could be a beast.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

6/14/11 11:51 PM by DaemonDragon

I just worked out the numbers. According to Fightmetric Sonnen was 6 for 6 on takedowns. From his profile Nate has been taken down 13 times - which based on his rate means 48 attempts.His non-Chael opponents have only landed 7 takedowns *total* in 13 fights. So that's a TDD of 83% against guys who aren't Chael.I highly doubt Fitch would be able to wall and stall Nate either - Nate is simply too big and strong for that. He'd probably reverse the position quickly if Fitch even tried that, IMO.However as I said above - Story is no gimme fight for Nate. Story presents more problems and is the tougher matchup stylistically. I would hesitantly pick Story over Fitch as well, but that is much closer to 50/50 and would be a tough fight for Story.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

6/14/11 11:43 PM by DaemonDragon

Oh. And I just looked up these guys on out of curiosity. Up to now I had only been judging based on the "eye test", where I analyzed their technique and how easily they got or avoided takedowns, and which opponents they did this against. But the numbers are definitely interesting.Nate's wrestling numbers are even more impressive than I expected. Nate's profile: has a 73% takedown rate and a 73% TDD rate. And remember that this is against middleweights - and also that this takedown defense number is highly skewed by the Sonnen fight, when Chael had 6 takedowns.Again, Okami has one of the best TDD rates in UFC history, it sounds a bit crazy to even try to take him down - yet Nate was 3 for 4, and as I recall he didn't struggle to get them. Clearly by Nate's 73% success rate this isn't some abnormal thing, Nate has excellent offensive wrestling. As for Fitch: takedown rate, 56% TDD rate. Against welterweights. And remember that Fitch has fought very few wrestlers with good wrestling. I've long said that guys with good wrestling are Fitch's kryptonite. Nate's wrestling is definitely superior to Fitch's. Fitch would struggle like fuck to get the huge Nate down, and I doubt he holds him down for long, Nate's BJJ is too good and he's too physically strong. Nate would get Fitch down much easier, and Fitch has never shown good scrambling so he would not get up easily.

jjj2121 site profile image  

6/14/11 11:33 PM by jjj2121

I'll bet on Story if you are are interested Hump... PS it is my moral duty to inform you per Dead Again that I am a scammer.  

inf0 site profile image  

6/14/11 11:31 PM by inf0

I think a win over Story makes him second only to Zeus himself.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

6/14/11 11:30 PM by DaemonDragon

No :) Not even remotely close. Fitch is a dream stylistic matchup for Nate. An inferior wrestler to Nate (both offensively and defensively), who poses almost no threat in any other area. Cardio is really the only edge Fitch would have.If he fought Nate, Fitch would be on his back a lot longer than Nate would.