Maldonado: Americans will dominate the MMA future


UFC light-heavyweight Fabio Maldonado commented on recent series of losses by Brazilian fighters, himself among them. Other names he mentioned were Rogerio Nogueira, Shogun Rua,. and Demian Maia.

“Perhaps Brazilians miss the point in training. It's not that we train less, but sometimes we confuse the amount of training with quality. It's sad to say but Americans will dominate the mixed martial arts future,” he told

“The trend is that the American fighters will take MMA over because of the financial side of the business. If they are not the best in something, they take the best [fighters and coaches] out there. How many Brazilian teach jiu-jitsu in America? Thousands. And how many Cuban or Bulgarian teach boxing or wrestling here? The figure is simple,” he questioned rhetorically.

Maldonado plans to head to the USA to train his wrestling.

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Eveready site profile image  

6/16/11 12:06 PM by Eveready

I agree that the USA probably has the best facilities and some of the best doctors in the world but they're only available to the rich, if we're talking about healthcare for the average working man then I'd imagine there are other countries that would be better.

JayKay site profile image  

6/16/11 11:41 AM by JayKay

He's not really helping.

Str4nger D4nger site profile image  

6/16/11 11:28 AM by Str4nger D4nger

Ripley is really trying to improve the worlds view of us Americans.

RIPLEY site profile image  

6/16/11 11:02 AM by RIPLEY

America may not be perfect but it kicks the living shit out of all of the wannabe first world countries with no military, no constitution and a bunch of pseudo intellectuals with cool sounding accents (and awesome nylon soccer (oh, I am sorry football shirts) that know a lot about wine and cheese. Please stick it up your fucking asses as America has bailed out more shitbag countries that were too faggoty to take on the challenge themselves. Kiss my fucking ass.

UnderTheClock site profile image  

6/16/11 10:33 AM by UnderTheClock

wrestling and strength training. Plus people know how to defend subs now. 

TheIronCodpiece site profile image  

6/16/11 5:54 AM by TheIronCodpiece

America's problem? A retarded two-party (not completely two party, but let's be real), that people cling to, as if their life depended on it, electing people who are shitty people, or complete morons. A system where, people who are logical and make a lot of sense, are fair, and independent get no voice, because we're so locked into picking sides. America has set itself up for failure, and it's dumbass people are making it worse. We make celebrities out of people who shouldn't be, and don't our of those who should. Conservatives (not Republicans) are vilified, while Liberals are praised for their moronic logic of having a massive government, yet complain about taxes... America's biggest problem is it's educated, yet completely ign'ant, population... and it's only going to get worse

JonathanShrager site profile image  

6/15/11 5:09 PM by JonathanShrager

Completely agree Mick,

MMALOGIC site profile image  

6/15/11 5:02 PM by MMALOGIC

This is because the majority of the people are stupid... instead of taking personal responsibility they'd rather abdicate everything to the govt and then they want more govt to solve the very problems govt created.People just dont get it and they likely never will. Look at the judging situation in MMA... These are the fucking idiots people want to run our schools, healthcare, economy, etc...These fucking incompetent jerk offs cant even get MMA judging correct and yet people want these guys to run everything.3 things that will revolutionize this country and bring it back from the brink of becoming a shithole.1) Voucher System for schools. Let parents decide where to spend the money of their childrens education. Let's instroduce some competition and you'll see the entire educational system revamped. If there was true competition, education would have grown by leaps and bounds. Look at the tech industry. Where are the apples and googles of the educational world? they dont exist because the teachers union created a monopoly for themselves fucking everyone as a result. I got a private school education but I still pay a price for all the absolute morons I have to listen to.2) All people to buy health insurance across state lines. Again competition. Right now a few players in each state have created a monopoly for themselves. Eliminate state lines and all of a sudden you have 400 organization competing with each other.3) Fair tax. Tax consumption not income/productivity. What the dumbies in this country dont get is that the rich only pay a consumption tax... not an "income" tax. I re-invest all my profits to create even more profits and then pay myself only what I spend on personal items and anything I cant write off. That's a consumption tax. That's how the rich get richer.Do this and investment and growth in this country will skyrocket.3 simple things. It wont happen because politicians dont get anything by serving the general interest. They all benefit by serving special interests and that's why giving them any power to begin with is retarded. They benefit more by serving the health insurance industry than the general public... they benefit more by serving the teachers union than the general public... they benefit more by having a confusing tax system in place where they can "sell" tax incentives and tax breaks to certain industries and special interests. These shithole politicians sell their regulatory, tax, and legal powers. Look at the FDA. All the guys there are either going to work for the very industry they once regulated (in high paying jobs) or they are coming from their.The same thing will happen with this bullshit "consumer protection agency". People are so fucking stupid... shit happens and the solution is to have the govt create another agency that will soon serve the very people that caused the problem.fucking morons.Regulation never works. If it did, congress would defund it.Right now the biggest ROI for the private sector is buying political power because it's alot cheaper than serving the marketplace. People give their power to these shitweasel politicians and then these politicians take that power and sell it to the highest bidder... and when shit happens people give these shitweasels even more power... the poticians just go back to selling it again.fucking morons.

MickColins site profile image  

6/15/11 5:00 PM by MickColins

 The more it becomes Ultimate College Wrestling, the more it will become American-dominant and MMA's popularity will plateau and plummet unless a rival organization comes up.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

6/15/11 4:39 PM by MMALOGIC

Not too much fat... too much unproductive weight. His body right now is engineered to run by primarily burning sugar/glucose/carbs. He can re-engineer his body to run by primarily burning fat which is a far better fuel. Not only will he be functionally stronger and healthier but his body wont weigh as much. He'll be walking around under 190.