Jackson: Diaz a 'real challenge' for GSP

source: MMA:30

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Ghan site profile image  

6/17/11 6:35 PM by Ghan

I was on the fence but I officially like you now sakbjj.

diggity site profile image  

6/17/11 6:21 PM by diggity

you literally don't know what your talking about and nobody cares anyway. and you can't spell.... which is fine, just don't try to use words you barely know the meaning of and can't spell.

RIPLEY site profile image  

6/17/11 2:14 PM by RIPLEY

"And if he mean mugged me id fucking chest bump him and tell him im gonna fuck him up... why? psychology. He doesnt fit the profile of losing it and kicking my ass. As soon as he see's im serious he'd back down because he'd be afraid of what would happen to him legally and otherwise after he kicks my ass."You are either some fat ex-highschool football douche or a little Napolean faggot. A "chest bump". You are obviously an insecure fucking homo and if you try that shit with the wrong guy you'll get skull fucked fast.

sakbjj site profile image  

6/17/11 9:44 AM by sakbjj

Wanna play blindman? Go walk with the shepherd. My eyes are wide open.

suess site profile image  

6/17/11 9:32 AM by suess

sakbjj trollin?  nahhhhhhhhhhh

sakbjj site profile image  

6/17/11 9:24 AM by sakbjj

The trane ufc days are numbered. The genie can't go back in the bottle. Jackson, in a few months time, has gone from cutting edge to anchoristic. There's a new sheriff in town.

CarwinKOsCain1stRound site profile image  

6/17/11 7:48 AM by CarwinKOsCain1stRound

Gsp will Rape him

Strykr619 site profile image  

6/17/11 7:30 AM by Strykr619

 wow Greg Jackson is trolling you now. GSP  know's this fight fairly easy. Diaz has no answer for his wrestling, is not is not going to out strike him, and GSP's jujitsu is on par with Diaz.  

deacon77 site profile image  

6/17/11 7:00 AM by deacon77

Just a side note. I think GSP's mental toughness could be the chink in his armor! If you haven't seen the Shields fight at the end of the first round GSP was a bit rattled because he thought Shields had cut him. They say it was an eye poke but he was checking below his eye not the eye itself. Just something to be on the look out for if the fight stays standing long enough for Diaz to touch him up. He may be able to break GSP with a few big shots or a cut.

deacon77 site profile image  

6/17/11 6:55 AM by deacon77

I always hear how good GSP'S BJJ is but when has it been tested. The Sera fights never made it to the ground. He was on top a much smaller BJ and BJ's BJJ is great from top control but very average from the bottom. I'm not saying his BJJ isn't good but I would love to know what people are base this off of. Diaz will be the the most dangerous BJJ guy that GSP has faced to date, he wont be super under sized(BJ) and is long with a good bottom game. And he can match GSP on his feet. I'm not a GSP fan at all but the guy can fight I think this may be another 5 round snore fest like all his fights. GSP by LNP wack as usual!


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