Royler: ADCC guys are playing with me

by Erik Engelhart | source:

Erik Engelhart: After your discussion with Guy Nievens, how are things between you and ADCC?

Royler GracieNo one’s contacted me yet, and I have the impression that if things continue that way, it won’t happen… For now, I’m doing what I always do, living my life, because the guys are like playing with me, right? First they asked me if I wanted to fight, they published it on the following day on the internet and then sent me a contract showing how much they’d pay me, and it said it didn’t matter if I win or lose, so I can’t do that, right? I have my own life, I pay my bills and I’m not fighting anymore… If they want me to fight, they have to do things differently.

EE: Were you upset about the fact they have published the numbers on the internet?

RG: Oh, of course, right, man? He started making comparisons and published many things on the internet… It’s not nice to talk about money that way, right? I thought it was unprofessional of him, and I sent them a letter, and he published a respond to that letter, again mentioning numbers, so I guess now the chances of it actually happens are smaller. I guess it’s not likely, but I’m still waiting.

EE: Did you see the situation like that coming?

RG: Honestly, no. He put me in s really bad position, man… It’s like I didn’t want to fight on the first place, and they’re pressuring me, but I have my priorities now, I pay many bills, I have many seminars scheduled and I’m scheduling new ones for August and September… I have my own appointments and I can’t just sit and way their call with someone on the other end of the line saying ‘oh, if you win we can arrange you a bonus prize’. I can’t count on that, I have to pay my bills, I have my appointments.

EE: So, there won’t be a fight anymore?

RG: Things got messy, but I still want to fight, but someone’s paying that bill.

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RocknRolla site profile image  

6/17/11 10:30 PM by RocknRolla

royler deserves to get paid

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/17/11 10:26 PM by FenceGrab

Yeah, but as in your other thread on this subject,he also said he was competing at worlds.

Master Bater site profile image  

6/17/11 10:20 PM by Master Bater

but this was sent from Robson Moura's page by himself? not teh ADCC page, and he is over in the UK mext month doing seminars

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/17/11 10:00 PM by FenceGrab

ADCC is known for shady shit.2 years ago they were promoting that GSP and Fedor were competing at ADCC, they weren't, and neither guy did, but ADCC was name dropping like a motherfucker.

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/17/11 9:59 PM by FenceGrab

lol @ idiot fanboys hating on Royler Gracie13 - 1 in ADCC, 2x ADCC Gold Medalist.4x World Champion2x Pan ChampionSo why does he need to come out of retirement?Meanwhile you drool over everything Eddie Bravo says,who won how many world titles?How many ADCC's?How many world champions has Eddie Coached?How many NO Gi world champions?Eddie has ONE WIN, and retired to cash in.but you hate on a guy like Royler who took everyone.

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/17/11 9:55 PM by FenceGrab

Lol @ beating Eddie Bravo doing anything for Royler fucking Gracies stock.

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/17/11 9:54 PM by FenceGrab

He makes 50K a month.Would you take 2 months off work for the MAYBE you would get 2 weeks pay?No, you'd be a fucking idiot.

Master Bater site profile image  

6/17/11 9:51 PM by Master Bater

come on... Robson Moura people???


6/17/11 2:04 PM by K-Dub-"T"

You are losing your mind.  

forumnewb site profile image  

6/17/11 1:44 PM by forumnewb

oops i misread who said what. i meant rgdaohio is the tard, not matt hurpees. but i'm assuming he's a tard also.