Cruz on Faber: 'Now I'm better than him'


"The difference between this fight now, and the last fight, is experience, plain and simple. I have the experience. I understand what it takes to be here. I know I belong here, I've beaten some of the best guys in the planet, and I have got confidence in that. I've fought in that big show, and I have that experience behind me, just like him. Now I'm better than him (laughs).


UFC 132: Cruz vs. Faber 2
July 2, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada


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BlahBreh site profile image  

6/16/11 9:09 PM by BlahBreh

Cruz by ridiculous foot work and combinations he might even work Urijah and take em down in the later rounds

KimboByGhettoplex site profile image  

6/16/11 9:03 PM by KimboByGhettoplex

Then GTFO of this thread you retard. I hope your other 346 posts in the last 4 months are of greater substance than this one. Probably not though.

KimboByGhettoplex site profile image  

6/16/11 9:01 PM by KimboByGhettoplex

Cruz, and Urijah doesn't take more than 1 round. The real test for Cruz is Mighty Mouse IMO.

MercWaMouth85 site profile image  

6/16/11 8:55 PM by MercWaMouth85

Who the fuck cares...I'm 5'7 and I don't give a sh!t. hahahaha

twodragunns site profile image  

6/16/11 8:17 PM by twodragunns

It's gonna be a close split decision in favor of Dominick Cruz.He has improved a lot since their last tilt and should comeback in this one for a close dec.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

6/16/11 3:15 PM by Mix6APlix

Is it considered fighter bashing to call Team Alpha Male things like Team Little People, The Lollipop Guild or Team Alpha Midget considered fighter bashing?

The Samurai site profile image  

6/16/11 2:10 PM by The Samurai

Cruz has some good skills: good footwork,good wrestling.I'm pretty sure Cruz can't submit Faber and can't knock him out.I think Faber can knock him out or submit him.That's the difference between both fighters.Faber fought 17 times for the WEC/UFC won 14 times finished 12 fights lost 3 times.Cruz fought 8 times for the WEC,lost 1 time, won 7 times ,6 times by dec and 1 time Bowles stopped for an injury.I think both fighters are more experimented now but they are still the same kind of fighters.One is looking for the finish and another is looking for the W !

epwar site profile image  

6/16/11 2:07 PM by epwar

Cruz via unanimous decision.

bjws site profile image  

6/16/11 2:05 PM by bjws

Faber all day long.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

6/16/11 1:34 PM by DaemonDragon

I would expect Cruz to win by unimpressive point-fighting decision, 48-47 or 49-46, however he does have a disturbing tendency to give up his back anytime he put on the ground.If he gives up his back against Faber he's probably getting RNCed. Faber is one of the opportunistic sub guys out there.5'8"? Who the hell on that team is 5'8"??