Overeem talks getting bottled in a bar at 15

by Lynn Hoppes | source: espn.go.com

"I was 15 years old and hanging out in bars in my home country of the Netherlands, and I was always getting into fights. And this one guy broke a bottle in my face. I had to have 20 stitches through my cheek."

"I've always been a fighter and always competitive. But I then started to get more disciplined and not be such a rebel. My brother helped me focus to get out of trouble and get me in the right direction."

"I wanted to join the Army but my eyesight wasn't good, so I quit school and my job to just focus on fighting," said Overeem, who was born in England to a Jamaican father and Dutch mother. "I didn't want to just get deployed. I wanted to get in on the action."

"I'm happy where I'm at now, but I want to show the world that I'm the No. 1 fighter. I want to prove it the world. I'm focused and ready."

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soldierdad5417 site profile image  

6/19/11 9:45 AM by soldierdad5417

 Wouldn't fight Overeem with a broken bottle in each hand. On another note, a less roided, normal size Overeem was apparently too chickenshit to join the military and now that he's got an audience he makes child-like excuses as to why he didn't do something in the past. Sad really. Dude's like Overeem couldn't hack it in the military, but I'm glad he's here to entertain me. 

R0CK0 site profile image  

6/18/11 8:38 PM by R0CK0

Who the fuck would look at those two guys and think "yeah I'd fight them"

supersaiyan site profile image  

6/18/11 8:25 PM by supersaiyan

lol at first i was thinking hmm.. but i didnt pay attention till now lol

blueheron20816 site profile image  

6/18/11 6:53 PM by blueheron20816

you just gotta make sure you keep your head on a swivel when you find yourself in a vicious cockfight

Sadyv site profile image  

6/18/11 6:18 PM by Sadyv

Roddy Piper bottled himself a couple times, just to make his promos even more insane and scary.

gabemadrid site profile image  

6/18/11 5:55 PM by gabemadrid

Overeem had gone out to get change or cash if I recall he wasnt trying to avoid paying and the bouncers got physical with his brother. Normally I'd say there's more to this story etc but overeem always comes off as cool headed and respectful. Oh it also caused a bad infection in his hand and he almost had to have it amputated

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

6/18/11 4:58 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Mind bottling?

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

6/18/11 3:48 PM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle

The money i'd pay to get my hands on the cctv footage....

supersaiyan site profile image  

6/18/11 3:34 PM by supersaiyan

sad truly ..man

PrecisePrecision site profile image  

6/18/11 3:12 PM by PrecisePrecision

Known a few guys who got bottled, an old friend got hit with a wine bottle, it KO'd him instantly and he was left in a pool of blood. As I said serious bizniz.