Stann hopes Monson gets beaten into Mexico


Jeff Monson is an articulate, no-taxpaying, grafitti-spraying Anarchist.

Brian Stann is a blunt, Naval Academy graduating, Silver-Star earning war hero Marine.

One of the most amazing things about MMA is that it helps people cross the lines that divide us. A gay fighter is accepted without prejudice. Racists corner black fighters without hesitation. Sexists train female fighters.

But ... not always. Below Stann comments via Twitter on fellow fighter Jeff Monson:

I hope Cormier beats Monson so bad that the anarchist finally leaves this country he bitches about so much & heads to Mexico, I heR things r better there

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UnderTheClock site profile image  

7/13/11 3:30 PM by UnderTheClock's horribly wrong

UnderTheClock site profile image  

7/13/11 3:16 PM by UnderTheClock

" Most Americans aren't aware that Hawaii was overthrown by rich white men who used the US military to overthrow the sovereign kingdom of Hawaii."  Rich white men? Big fucking deal. You can say that about any significant action good or bad in modern history. Nobody else accomplishes shit. I don't know why these and other losers in other continents can't defend themselves or avoid slavery even when they have overwhelming majorities. Fucking pussies.  

UnderTheClock site profile image  

7/13/11 3:10 PM by UnderTheClock

 Is anyone capable of figuring out why Hawaii and Puerto Rico as a whole never want independence? Off the dole, both would sink fast. I always root for the "secession" forces. 

ZIPPY site profile image  

7/12/11 4:27 PM by ZIPPY

 not me . most likely someone got banned elsewhere and had all their prior posts deleted.  

donttazemebro site profile image  

7/12/11 4:25 PM by donttazemebro

Yep. The days of 1984, terminator and aliens when you could still rOCK in America seem so far away now.

BLPorritt site profile image  

7/7/11 10:53 AM by BLPorritt

Wasn't this at 424 posts yesterday???? Why stuff get deleted!?!?!?!

sly fox site profile image  

7/7/11 10:13 AM by sly fox

 wasnt he a mental health social worker working with mentally ill or something?

superCalo site profile image  

7/3/11 5:18 PM by superCalo

Brian Stann = military hero, inspiration to youth, cEo of hire heros chairty doing good works for returning solidersMonsoon = never served in military or killed any terrorists or inspired any troubled youth to join the military and better them selves.

The National site profile image  

7/2/11 3:11 PM by The National

Brian Stann=Duuuuuh

toknari site profile image  

7/2/11 7:27 AM by toknari

monsons side is wrong but stanns side too. you should be right in the middle.