Urijah Faber: Cruz is 'The Irritator' not 'The Dominator'

source: ufc.com


Our first fight, I wasn't impressed with the guy at all. He wasn't a terrible fighter, but it wasn't anything that stood out.

He's changed, but the thing that hasn't changed with him, is that he's not dangerous. It's ironic that a guy, especially with the name Dominick 'The Dominator' Cruz, isn't dominating anyone. He should be called an 'Irritator' or 'The Eluder' not Dominator'.

Am I a guy that is worried about his stand-up game? No I'm not. I'm a hard guy to hit. I feel like my wrestling pedigree is better, my jiujitsu is better, and I feel like my hands are going to be better.

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Body Shots site profile image  

6/23/11 10:45 PM by Body Shots

Also, in my other thread I said Cruz has improved dramatically and has awesome style, but to say Faber hasn't improved either since they're last fight is just blindness!!

Body Shots site profile image  

6/23/11 10:43 PM by Body Shots

If you read my other posts I never said it was gonna be an easy TKO.. I'm a fan of Cruz too but he will not finish Faber and at some point whether it be in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round Faber will catch him..!!Also, after losing to Griffin and dropping down to 45, Faber even said himself he would have dropped down to HIS NATURAL WEIGHT CLASS OF 135 IF NOT FOR THE FACT HE WAS FUCKING CHAMP AND DOMINATING!!! In my other thread I said Brown and Aldo were beasts and after losing two title shots attempts Faber decided instead of climbing back up 45 ladder why not MOVE TO HIS WEIGHT CLASS OF 135...!To think he moved classes because he was scared of Aldo or whoever fucking KenFlo is ridiculous.. They fight and the highest level and aren't scared.. Faber took brutal legs kicks for 5 rounds and didn't quit... Broke both hands in 5 round war with Brown.. No problem finishing!!I like both fighters but damn give Faber some credit.. And to the people calling him a midget, Cruz is 2 inches taller..End Post...

FCFBlazer site profile image  

6/23/11 10:41 PM by FCFBlazer

Just testing new app.

Druskee27 site profile image  

6/23/11 10:25 PM by Druskee27

You do know Faber already beat Cruz right?

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

6/23/11 10:16 PM by CRBMoney14

Ya it happens in 155 and below weightclasses and most people dont give a shit about those weightclasses

blueheron20816 site profile image  

6/23/11 10:11 PM by blueheron20816

If hes not dropping to avoid the competition at 145 and this is such a natural weight for him, then why has he been sitting at 145 so long. He started at 155, the cut to 145 was supposed to be to his "natural weight". He lost to tyson griffin, then dropped to 45...seeing a pattern here? Listen, I like Faber, Im really not trying to come off as hating, but I think its silly to say hes not dropping because of Aldo. And please explain how you think this is an easy TKO for him. Like I said, pretty doubtful hes gonna outstrike him, benevidez has faster hands than faber and he couldnt put him down. Take him down and gnp? pretty doubtful considering the way Cruz has tossed every guy hes gone against, Faber included (and your kidding yourself if you dont think cruz has gotten lightyears better). I just dont see Faber taking this in any way, but your probably right, I dont see Cruz putting Faber away either, but I definitely see him taking the decision.

mugatu site profile image  

6/23/11 10:09 PM by mugatu

 Cruz has been taking it to every one he's faced in his title run, this should be a good fight.  I think Urijah's going to win but only if he can get a hold of him

croy_00 site profile image  

6/23/11 8:46 PM by croy_00

The California Chin is going to wear him down. Mostly because if he doesn't he is going to be light up worse than shields in a boxing match!

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

6/23/11 8:20 PM by LayzieTheSavage

 Imagine Clay Guida as the special guest ref!!!

whoabro site profile image  

6/23/11 8:10 PM by whoabro