Jon Jones picks Cruz to beat friend & business partner Faber


Luke Thomas: Alright, UFC 132 next weekend, a close associate of yours Urijah Faber is going to try and get the Bantamweight title and become a two division champion. Let me play devil's advocate, devil's advocate would say "Dominic Cruz first time got smashed, this time it's completely different. I think you could make a case that Faber would have a hard time getting a hold of him, Dominick's got footwork that's just too dangerous..." tell me why Urijah Faber wins.

Jon Jones: You know what, Urijah's my friend and business partner, and I'm definitely rooting for him to win. It'll be great for our business that we have that we're working together to have two champions involved with it. It'd be great because I'm a personal fan of Urijah but to be real and to be a martial artist I think it's gonna be a very tough fight for him. If I actually had to put my money on it I would think that Dominick Cruz would win the fight. He's been winning very impressively and he seems to be always improving, Urijah's last two fights haven't been finishes. My prayers will be going out to Urijah and I hope he does phenomenal, but Dominick Cruz is a tall order for everyone right now.

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shugerrush site profile image  

6/24/11 10:34 PM by shugerrush

And btw I'm only kidding about finishing fights, for some reason Jones said he hasn't finished, yet out of his last 3 wins 2 were

shugerrush site profile image  

6/24/11 10:32 PM by shugerrush

Maybe instead of teaching Faber to Dougie, he should teach him how to finish fights.

gaycuckold site profile image  

6/24/11 5:03 PM by gaycuckold

"Urijiah Faber is 'Stupid and Gay' Says Jon Jones" -UG News

Kanabull site profile image  

6/24/11 4:36 PM by Kanabull

Urijah Faber picks Rampage by vicious brain damaging KO.

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

6/24/11 3:05 PM by Ramon Maroni

what an asshole


6/24/11 3:03 PM by K-Dub-"T"

Nah, I was too busy fucking your sistser... because she turned you down for once.  

GroundStPound site profile image  

6/24/11 10:30 AM by GroundStPound


nyhcloyalty site profile image  

6/24/11 10:26 AM by nyhcloyalty

I agree completely. "Judas" strikes again.

Deaf Forever site profile image  

6/24/11 10:02 AM by Deaf Forever

This 100%. Jones NEEDS PR coaching and a real manager.

studiocamp site profile image  

6/24/11 9:34 AM by studiocamp

jones: If I had to put money on it, I think Cruz would actually win the fight.Way to gloss over this quote to fit your agenda. Shouldn't you be slap fighting in a unitard somewhere?