Royce wants 7-figure payday to fight at UFC 134

source: FightersOnly

Royce Gracie has confirmed that he is looking for at least one million dollars to appear at UFC 134.

Gracie, who won three of the first four UFC tournaments and is one of the fathers of MMA, appeared on Brazilian show Sensei SporTV this week to renew his calls for a spot on the UFC Rio card.

“Dana White knows what I’m worth; he knows what I bring to the table. Yes, my fight purse has seven digits!” he confirmed with a laugh.

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Freakin 10er site profile image  

6/26/11 5:11 PM by Freakin 10er


Attila site profile image  

6/26/11 12:04 PM by Attila

No thanks, Royce. Although I enjoy watching legends fight, even way past their prime, I'd MUCH rather see that money spent and fresh, new talent.

badboyufc site profile image  

6/26/11 11:13 AM by badboyufc

Royce doesn't have the big name fighter when he had when the UFC first started. Most people don't won't to see Royce fight because most of the fighters in his weight class would crush him. He not worth that kind of money.

Jacinto site profile image  

6/26/11 10:22 AM by Jacinto

Those shots for Hughes all looked like they landed on the side of the head to me. If you really want to bitch about something like that bitch about Florian's elbows which do look kinda suspect. Hughes might be on the downside of his career but he would still beat Royce like a fucking drum again.

xMurkedx site profile image  

6/26/11 8:31 AM by xMurkedx

Give him $50 to show then a mill to win

Strykr619 site profile image  

6/26/11 4:52 AM by Strykr619

LOL the Gracie's made the UFC in the beginning to Market their jiujitsu. If they really cared about fighting the best then they would have actually invited people like Gokor or Ron Tripp to the tournament but clearly they CHOSE not to (because they would most likely get punked at their own game). I will RORION Gracie the Credit for creating the UFC, Royce was just a pawn.

Strykr619 site profile image  

6/26/11 4:47 AM by Strykr619

Let Royce fight for a mil, Give him someone like BJ Penn or Mark Munoz so he can earn it. I'm sure Royce will be able to roid up all he wants in Brasil LOL.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

6/26/11 4:15 AM by chaplinshouse

Sigh... Gracies are ego maniacs. You would think a senior member of their clan would bitch slap anyone embarrassing them with all their pride. But I think the truth is, they really think they're this important. Let's say they're right. What good does it do to put up a Brazilian hero in front of his home country just to give him a guaranteed stomping? At best, pay him 10 grand to do a BJJ exhibition match just prior to the undercard. Open weight, vs Al Bundy

KrmtDfrog site profile image  

6/26/11 12:45 AM by KrmtDfrog

not a single one of those punches was illegal. every one landed on the side of his head by the ear.

YouGeee site profile image  

6/26/11 12:08 AM by YouGeee

royce is a clown ,he would get murdered ..but uhhh ohshoe chitzu .blah blah fucking pathetic he wants 7 figures to be a punching bag ???you fam is long fucking gone douche