Jones, GSP, Werdum nominated for 2011 ESPY


UFC champions Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre were each nominated in the 2011 ESPY Awards "Best Fighter" category while Strikeforce heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum's June 2010 submission win over Fedor Emelianenko was nominated in the "Best Upset" category.

Fans can vote on the winners from now through July 9, and the awards show airs on ESPN on July 13.

Jones and St-Pierre are joined in the "Best Fighter" pool by standout boxers Bernard Hopkins, Sergio Martinez and Manny Pacquiao.

No mixed martial artist has ever won the ESPY for "Best Fighter," a category that was created in 2007 to replace the "Best Boxer" category that had been in place since 1993.

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GageIsLegend site profile image  

6/25/11 10:53 PM by GageIsLegend

I live in America and when a Gsp pay per view comes up it's one you can watch with people who never watch. There is girls here who know no other fighter than Gsp. If silva is so popular why doesn't he show in pay per view numbers? When anything "promotional" comes out about the UFC Gsp is right in the front. Case in point best of 2010 with silva cocked in the back.

Rafael135 site profile image  

6/25/11 6:29 PM by Rafael135

I live in Michigan. I don't know if you're from Canada or not. But here people could care less about GSP. Most people here are more fascinated by Silva than any other fighters.

Magic8 site profile image  

6/25/11 6:01 PM by Magic8!/voting/ you faggots better go vote for Werdum!

BehemothMonk site profile image  

6/25/11 4:17 PM by BehemothMonk

The boxers in this category are still more deserving than the MMA fighters in the category. But if a MMA guy did deserve to win, I would vote for Jon Jones.

dermotfix site profile image  

6/25/11 1:31 PM by dermotfix

Let the bitching about Werdum butt-flopping re-ignite...

Sofa King Cool site profile image  

6/25/11 10:43 AM by Sofa King Cool

This. Plus Silva silva is only beating cans. Leben, Leites, Lutter, Cote, Maia, Belfort and Sonnen (barely). I wouldn't have nominated him either.

GageIsLegend site profile image  

6/25/11 10:37 AM by GageIsLegend

Dumbasses when will you ever learn. Silva isn't as popular as Gsp he isn't even that big of a pay per view draw. Just because you online fanatics love him dearly doesn't mean the general public knows who the hell he is.

Raezor19 site profile image  

6/25/11 10:34 AM by Raezor19

You realize 15 pounds in boxing is 3 weight divisions not 1  

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

6/25/11 8:45 AM by soldierdad5417


EatonBeever site profile image  

6/25/11 5:28 AM by EatonBeever

 Bernard Hopkins cemented himself in the history books by being the oldest champ.  He beat a prime Jean Pascal who was the only guy to beat Chad Dawson. Hopkins should win this.