Eddie Bravo: Royler agreed, then changed his mind

by Guilherme Cruz | source: tatame.com

“It’s all up to Royler, I already agreed to the match, but 5 days after Royler agreed to the match he then decided to ask for 50k just to show up. So basically he changed his mind about the match, it sounds like he doesn’t want to do it, he even admitted in a recent interview that he was pressured into taking the match, that he didn’t want to do it but agreed to do it from pressure”.

“Royler is a legend, no style has a big advantage against someone like him who has been training under the grandmaster Helio his whole life" said Bravo of a potential advantage that his exclusively training in no go might provide. "Maybe a little advantage but not big."

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Dazed and Confused site profile image  

6/25/11 11:03 PM by Dazed and Confused

Blame the Sheik. He wipes his ass with more money than Royler asked for.

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/25/11 9:29 PM by FenceGrab

Eddie, why did you NEVER compete again?

BigEyedFish site profile image  

6/25/11 9:28 PM by BigEyedFish


oppenheimer site profile image  

6/25/11 7:15 PM by oppenheimer

Yes, they pay people a set amount for superfights and at no time in the history of ADCC have they ever signed people to additional contracts to earn an extra 50k. Ever. Period.

Zapruder site profile image  

6/25/11 7:09 PM by Zapruder


FenceGrab site profile image  

6/25/11 7:01 PM by FenceGrab

He doesn't need to,Eddie has one significant win in his grappling career,Royler is a multiple ADCC and BJJ champions.

FenceGrab site profile image  

6/25/11 7:00 PM by FenceGrab

They weren't inviting him to a grappling tournament.

Darup site profile image  

6/25/11 6:52 PM by Darup


Sex Chicken site profile image  

6/25/11 6:50 PM by Sex Chicken

 Two glorified purple belts. 

levragentiming site profile image  

6/25/11 6:43 PM by levragentiming

Wrong...they pay people. Rookie