Brenneman upsets Story after taking fight on one day's notice

by Michael David Smith | source: The Underground

It was a great grappling display by Brenneman, and an indication that he's a more talented fighter than his previous performances inside the Octagon have suggested.

Story started the fight with a nice throw, putting Brenneman on the ground, but Brenneman quickly got back to his feet, and he soon took Story down and controlled him for most of the rest of the first round.

In the second round Story threatened with an early submission, but soon it was Brenneman on top and more of the same.

Story was more aggressive going for submissions and attempting to finish Brenneman on the ground, but ended up on bottom when the final horn sounded.

Story, who falls to 13-4, was widely viewed heading into this fight as a future welterweight title contender. Now it's back to the drawing board.

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Main Card (On Versus):
Pat Barry (6-2) vs. Cheick Kongo (15-6-2)
Rick Story (13-3) vs. Chris Brenneman (13-2)
John Howard (14-6) vs. Matt Brown (11-10)
Matt Mitrione (4-0) vs. Christian Morecraft (7-1)

Main card starts at approximately  9 p.m. ET (12:00 midnight. PT)


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LelandMMA site profile image  

6/28/11 5:15 PM by LelandMMA

Who cares what Brenneman did and how bored you were. Brenneman came on a day's notice and beat a guy on a streak. He has balls to take a fight on 24hr notice like that. He had to make a quick strategy and it obviously worked. Quit da whining ya big babies.

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

6/28/11 4:54 PM by soldierdad5417

 Once again, amazed at the level of "personal" responses we're getting from the fighters and their camps/clubs on here! UG member for life, or until fighting in giant robots phases MMA out.

AMA Fight Club site profile image  

6/27/11 7:01 PM by AMA Fight Club

Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman performed like we all knew that he could & now showed the world that there is a new force in the UFC’s Welterweight Division. After a turbulent week of will he or won’t he fight, “Spaniard” got the call an hour before weigh ins that he would be the Co-Main event in place of Nate Marquardt to face Rick Story who won his last 6 UFC fights including a dominant performance over Thiago “Pitbull” Alves. We put together a quick gameplan and drilled what I thought would work against Story. Charlie performed to perfection exactly what we drilled and a couple things happened throughout the fight that we were very prepared for. Charlie used dominate wrestling and top control to secure the Unanimous Decision Victory and I also commend Rick Story for also taking the fight on short notice. We both prepared for different opponents and both fighters showed what true heart & competitive spirit is about. Like ALL AMA Fight CLub Fighters, Charlie proved we will always be willing, ready & able to step up when the UFC calls upon us. Congratulations “Spaniard” We are all VERY proud of you!  Mike Constantino

bhealthy site profile image  

6/27/11 5:17 PM by bhealthy

impressive strategy and win

HELWIG site profile image  

6/27/11 3:43 PM by HELWIG

 Brenneman actually took Henricks down twice and got the only TDs in that match. Hendricks won by blitzing him in a wild exchange and then staying on him and taking his time to keep landing shots. In no way were Hendricks superior wrestling credentials what won him the match. "Holy shit? Dude fights Rick Story on 1 days notice and beats his ass. Who is this guy? Excuse me for being ignorant. " Highly educated wrestler and wrestling coach turned MMA fighter from PA. Came up fighting in PA and NJ beating everyone. BJJ brown belts, other wrestlers, kickboxers. Hendricks is his only real blemish. Best TDs in the WW division aside from GSP/Kos whove showed it against higher level opposition.  

kcbjj site profile image  

6/27/11 10:52 AM by kcbjj

Most annoying ref ever in this fight. And terrible standups.

Formulate Infinity site profile image  

6/27/11 8:58 AM by Formulate Infinity

I was not a fan of Story after watching him fight Alves, all I could think was how the last thing the 170lb. division needs is another wallnstall or laynpray wrestler. Though I'm afraid Brenneman may be even worse at stalling after watching him last night.

sacredhate site profile image  

6/27/11 8:57 AM by sacredhate

maybe story can fight koschek next year...would be a good fight and good test.

sacredhate site profile image  

6/27/11 8:56 AM by sacredhate

brenneman exposed Story for being defenseless against good wrestling. Kudos to Chris for being able to do that to Rick...what also seemed evident is that Brenneman doesn't have much more than 1 dimension to him.I just hope Story can get better at his wrestling...welterweight is a division full of wrestling power-houses.

Formulate Infinity site profile image  

6/27/11 8:51 AM by Formulate Infinity

It's a bit backwards giving extra credit to Brenneman for "taking the fight on one day notice". I'm sure everyone knows he was already fighting on the card that night, he just got bumped up to fight Story and his original fight was scrapped. Which means he had a full training camp and was ready tp fight last night. Story, on the other hand, just had a tough fight only 3 weeks ago. If anything I think Brenneman had the advantage in this fight, yet everyone is touting him as "Rocky". Story took such a short notice fight to take on Marquardt, who would help build his career if he wins, and not set him back much at all if he loses to such a name fighter. Story got the shaft in all this.