Nik Lentz coach reports Oliveira fight ruled No Contest


Greg Nelson
Nik wins Fight Of The Night Bonus, and the fight was ruled a No Contest due to the illegal knee. Back home then up to watch my sons soccer games in Duluth tomorrow. Then back to the Academy solid til mid July. Volkmann next for UFC in August.

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ortman166 site profile image  

6/28/11 2:42 PM by ortman166

I want some of what ur Smokin bro

jjj2121 site profile image  

6/28/11 12:37 PM by jjj2121

 How do you figure he's getting screwed?  Lentz got screwed out of his chance to win the fight out of pure incompetence.

ortman166 site profile image  

6/28/11 12:36 PM by ortman166

Worst poster on the ug right here IMO. Lentz had nothing for Charlie.

Yelm site profile image  

6/28/11 11:34 AM by Yelm

 I agree it wasn't a blowout but CO definitely had the advantage.  His stand up looked awesome.  He was throwing knees like he didn't care about the takedown at all. I would definitely like to see a rematch.  I wish the ref hadn't just ignored it.  CO getting screwed as a result (if it is turned to a NC).

Infamous Ed site profile image  

6/28/11 10:53 AM by Infamous Ed

It was competitive but ollivera had him everywhere

PKH site profile image  

6/28/11 9:49 AM by PKH

No.  Lentz is a trooper.  A midwestern wrestler that's durable as fuck.  Yeah, Oliveira was clearly winning the fight, but Lentz has come back from being down on the scorecards before and prevailed.  A rematch is needed.    

JBob300 site profile image  

6/28/11 9:39 AM by JBob300

honestly i think u guys might have had a bad angle, i was at the event and charles was looking down on him and fired the knee when he saw his knee pop up, looking down the way he was he probably couldnt even see his other leg. its the refs fault and the crowd let him know it...the fight wasnt close, Olivera controlled the pace, dominated standing and was definately winning on the ground, that anaconda was NOT as close as u jokers are making it guys probably though Story was going to kimura brenneman too...(not to justify the standup but seriously...people hold that sub for days and nothing happens)

CTHULU site profile image  

6/28/11 9:38 AM by CTHULU

Fuck it. Everyone should just start doing knees to the head. Not like UFC cares.

JBob300 site profile image  

6/28/11 9:34 AM by JBob300

MOAR REMATCHES!! MOAR! put this on the card with fitch vs penn 2 and tito vs forrest 9 and herring big nog 47!

frontrowbrian site profile image  

6/28/11 6:18 AM by frontrowbrian

 Nik dropped R1... he could have easily won R2 and R3 and won the fight before Charlie took the easy way out and cheap shotted The People's Fighter Nik Lentz