AMA Fight Club makes statement regarding Brenneman's win

source: The Underground

Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman performed like we all knew that he could & now showed the world that there is a new force in the UFC’s Welterweight Division.

After a turbulent week of will he or won’t he fight, “Spaniard” got the call an hour before weigh ins that he would be the Co-Main event in place of Nate Marquardt to face Rick Story who won his last 6 UFC fights including a dominant performance over Thiago “Pitbull” Alves.

We put together a quick gameplan and drilled what I thought would work against Story. Charlie performed to perfection exactly what we drilled and a couple things happened throughout the fight that we were very prepared for.

Charlie used dominate wrestling and top control to secure the Unanimous Decision Victory and I also commend Rick Story for taking the fight on short notice. We both prepared for different opponents and both fighters showed what true heart & competitive spirit is about.

Like ALL AMA Fight CLub Fighters, Charlie proved we will always be willing, ready & able to step up when the UFC calls upon us.

Congratulations “Spaniard” We are all VERY proud of you!

Mike Constantino

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HELWIG site profile image  

6/29/11 11:29 PM by HELWIG


Gator Choke site profile image  

6/29/11 11:24 PM by Gator Choke

No kidding? Small world! My mother and step-father live in Claysburg still. I went to school there my junior and senior year. I got out when I had the chance, but have plenty of fond memories from back there. Still go back to see my mom every once in awhile.I too remember Charlie's time at Hollidaysburg. We wrestled at around the same time. One thing that always, ALWAYS made him stand out was that no matter how successful he was then, he never let it get to his head and he worked twice as hard for the following meet as he did the one previous. You've also probably seen it in MMA (following the Hendricks loss), when you were lucky enough to one up him, he worked three times as hard to make sure he never went through the experience of losing again.He's one of the nicest, most laid back people you'll ever meet. We're talking a guy who worked with the special education classes as a volunteer while in school not because he had to, but because he WANTED to.I'm not at all stunned he's made it to this point. The best is yet to come.

LOx2 site profile image  

6/29/11 11:05 PM by LOx2

I wish Charlie the best. A win is a win. It's just that in the ever evolving sport of mma some fans won't be happy with the show. People used to badmouth Bjj too. This is the era of the college wrestler apparently. Change is seldom an easy pill.

Kostakio site profile image  

6/29/11 10:36 PM by Kostakio

Ummm, I heard HELWIG taps out tjmitch so he must be a beast. fiercedragon is treading on thin ice, imho.

AMA Fight Club site profile image  

6/29/11 10:32 PM by AMA Fight Club

Helwig is an exceptional fighter, grappler, teacher and training partner as well as a competitive eater... I will check out the thread -   

dirtymfmoney site profile image  

6/29/11 9:36 PM by dirtymfmoney

Conrats spaniard.

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

6/29/11 8:54 PM by NarlyPersianDude

congrats to Charlie, I was rooting for Rick, I met Rick and he was extremenly good natured in person. But Charlie showed he is a strong newcomer to the topic, Mike can I ask you something. I noticed you have a professional fight where you went and lost, it happens, to the ug's very own Jonothan Helwig. Their is a thread called "Fedor -- most exciting HW !" and their is a poster called fiercedragon, a complete ufc shill. Nothing wrong with the ufc, but this guy attacks anything that is not involving ufc, and he is berating Helwig as a fighter calling him a scrub fighter basically. Helwig is one of the best posters on this forum and great asset here, I kind you ask you come and show some support from Helwig, having fought him, I think you are very well aware he is a worthy fighter.I hate fighter bashing, and that's what that guy is doing with the respected Helwig.And again, it will be cool to see Brenneman going forward, pretty sure they will be giving him notable fights. YaKnow

LOx2 site profile image  

6/29/11 8:38 PM by LOx2

I guess that depends who's buying tickets and PPVs.

In Limbo site profile image  

6/29/11 11:40 AM by In Limbo

 jersey mma representing! i know spaniard is from PA but still . . . .

TheGARV site profile image  

6/29/11 11:25 AM by TheGARV

 Great game plan and perfect execution.  The Spaniard did an amazing job.