Nelson: Illegal knee broke Lentz's eye socket

by Ben Fowlkes | source:

"It's the illegal knee that basically knocked Nik Lentz out so he could get his back and hook him," Nelson told MMA Fighting on Monday evening. "I mean, he was clearly down. That knee broke Nik Lentz's eye socket, so it was not a soft knee. He took his time, held the back of the head, wound up the knee and then let it go. ...It was a super hard knee that ended up doing a lot of damage."

But the referee for the fight -- Ohio's Chip Snider -- didn't intervene after the illegal blow, which shocked not only Nelson, but also observers at ringside, he said.

"All the other referees were jumping up, guys from the commission were jumping up, I was jumping up. A lot of people were wondering what was going on, why the fight wasn't being stopped, because it was so blatant. Then the crowd, when they saw the replay, it was doubly obvious to them."

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Recent Comments »

UltraMagnus site profile image  

7/1/11 1:41 PM by UltraMagnus

I know man its weak to watch guys do that....

PiousDevil site profile image  

6/29/11 6:46 PM by PiousDevil

fuck it, I'm tired of seeing "fighters" take a rest on a knee, knowing that their mom is looking over them, won't let the big bad man hovering over him holding his head deliver the fight ending blow.The rule should be changed to simply "no knees to the top of the head" due to the compressive force on the spine, of course in addition to the back of the head.

caged conflict site profile image  

6/29/11 6:32 PM by caged conflict

I do believe all of the states with commissions using unified rules also mandate fighter insurance be carried for all events. I know Colorado has required it for many years. It is something our promotion has done since '99. It is very inexpensive for a $500-$1000 deductible with $15k+ per incident and we promoters will typically cover the deductible ESPECIALLY for amateurs.

jkkazmier site profile image  

6/29/11 5:23 PM by jkkazmier

anyone have a gif?

CODELMJVG site profile image  

6/29/11 1:06 PM by CODELMJVG

not as worse than a intentional eye poke or groin shot and if a ref didn't see that and a fighter proceed to finish would the people boo hell yes don't double standard illegal knees at the same levels as vital shot as groin to eyes.

cool hand Ed site profile image  

6/29/11 12:54 PM by cool hand Ed

It didn't take a replay for the place to go bananas. As soon as people realized that the illegal knee wasn't called, the place went nuts. I have to say that I was actually proud of my pittsburgh brothers and sisters for being so well educated on the unified rules of MMA. The boo birds were out well before the replay. But once the replay was shown they booed even louder. And when they raised Charlie's hand as the winner the place REALLY booed. Every time something like this happens it makes me wonder where they find these refs and I wonder why I never tried to get into it myself.

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

6/29/11 11:35 AM by soldierdad5417

Well, the current rule is, no knees to a downed opponent. If the rule needs to be changed it needs to be brought up with some kind of medical evidence that it's no more dangerous than other strikes or something along those lines. "I don't give a fuck" is the response I expect from a teenager when I give them a rule to follow that they may not understand, but in the long run is made to protect them. There are more civil ways to get the rules changed in a sport (even scary, bloody MMA) without a dude having to have his orbital bone broken.  

UltraMagnus site profile image  

6/29/11 4:44 AM by UltraMagnus

Yet they didn't overturn the Michael Bisping fight or the Jon Jones fight.......Zuffas gonna Zuffa

UltraMagnus site profile image  

6/29/11 4:29 AM by UltraMagnus

I don't give a fuck.... Shiiit, guys like tht like to run and LnP need shit like that to happen to them..... I'm not fucking joking either...Shoulda to a heavy dose of that Vitamin d to help build your bones stronger...... Otherwise we wouldn't be talking about a broken orbital that this idiot let happend to him....


6/29/11 12:20 AM by K-Dub-"T"