Kizer: Athletes previously caught on PEDs not eligible for T.U.E.



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taxidriver site profile image  

6/30/11 9:16 AM by taxidriver

It would be great if Kizer or whoever could come up with the number of mma'ers undergoing TRT/HRT and the number of boxers undergoing the same treatments to compare the use habits.Also, if a fighter fought in his natural weight class and kept himself in shape all year round, he wouldn't have any testosterone problems. According to the papers posted, the low testosterone comes from severe calorie restriction (whether dieting or burning it).

Moke site profile image  

6/30/11 6:28 AM by Moke

46and2,You're kinda missing the point when you mention very hard training and cutting weight. Sure those things do lower testosterone, however, it lowers it for your opponent as well. In fact it is a factor in how much training you can put your body through, and how much weight you can successfully cut and still be functional. THEREFORE, if one guy injects testosterone (against the rules) then he is giving himself an unfair training and cutting advantage over his opponent who is following the rules. There's a word for that. It called cheating.And its not the same as other supplements, because those are allowed amd therefore its a level playing field. You are not allowed to manipulate hormones with chemicals period. You're not even allowed to take legal prohormones.You ARE allowed to get lots of sleep, train right, eat right, avoid alcohol etc., no laws against that.

Hungry4Stink site profile image  

6/30/11 4:34 AM by Hungry4Stink

Your username needs to be changed to DictionaryGrab.  

SociallyPublish site profile image  

6/30/11 2:32 AM by SociallyPublish

 lol @ him asking if test could give a fighter an advantage

HexRei site profile image  

6/30/11 1:28 AM by HexRei

he was one of the pioneers in creating and adopting the Unified Rules, he helped write them along with Lembo, BJM and others, NSAC is the most influential of the AC's still. If he announces rules clarifications chances are they're going to be adopted by the majority of the other commissions.

easedel site profile image  

6/30/11 12:47 AM by easedel

I never really cared about Kizers thoughts or who he was but lately, he is beginning to bug me. Why does he seem ( or act like ) like he is the "head" of ACs across the country?

Wonder Dog site profile image  

6/30/11 12:27 AM by Wonder Dog

If Marquardt wants to be reinstated, he should have to win a fight against Kizer's rug. That's a mean-looking squirrel just waiting to throw down.

Dr Violence site profile image  

6/29/11 11:39 PM by Dr Violence

^Kizer says they can tell the difference because someone like you would have normal LH, while a roider like Nate would have low LH (which he admitted to I think) 

DirkH site profile image  

6/29/11 11:30 PM by DirkH

To those of you who believe that it is impossible for a figher under 40 to have low testosterone;I was fine until age 35, then I crashed! I gained 35 lbs, lost muscle, and had no energy. I got tested an my T level was 307, which is perfectly normal for a 70 year old. I had never used T before.It does happen, sometimes. That said, probably 80% of fighers using T are trying to cheat and only have depressed levels due to former use, but you just cant tell.

TheAlchemist site profile image  

6/29/11 10:26 PM by TheAlchemist

 kizer's a puppet moran