Marquardt's coach didn't agree with TRT

by Ben Fowlkes | source:

In the case of Marquardt, Wittman knew his fighter was undergoing testosterone treatments. He didn't agree with it, he said, but he also didn't feel like it was his place to tell a veteran fighter how to conduct his career.

What's more, even though he felt like the testosterone use shouldn't have been allowed, technically -- at least if Marquardt could provide proof of his need for it and get his levels down to within a range acceptable by the commissions before each fight -- it was. Marquardt was attempting to follow the rules laid out by the commissions, Wittman said. That's why, in Marquardt's mind, it wasn't cheating at all.

"Nate Marquardt is a guy who's never been untruthful with me. Everything that he tells me, and everything he told me going into this fight and back before New Jersey, it's something that he truly believes in. He went and had his testosterone checked. And when I spoke to him about it, I could tell he really believes he'd done the right thing, because the doctors are telling him, 'Your levels are low. You need this. This is why you're tired. We'll give you this and you'll perform like you're young again.' Man, you start telling a guy that, he's going to believe you.

"His honesty from the beginning -- doing these tests, asking for permission to do this -- that's what hurt him. His honesty got him put in this situation. It's so hard to watch one of the most honest guys I've ever trained -- the biggest family man, the guy who signs every autograph -- get scolded and cut and lose his career and get this brand on him, all because he felt like he was doing the right thing."

Now Wittman's fear is that the "brand" is not just on Marquardt, but also on his gym. He's never advocated use of hormone replacement therapy, he said, but by not doing more to dissuade his fighters from it, he can't help but wonder if he's not complicit in it.

"I didn't get into it. I kind of put my earplugs in," Wittman said. "I look at it as white and black, like you're still doing an enhancing kind of thing. But if the doctor okays it, does that make it right? I don't know. That's something I can't explain, but I'll tell you what I'm doing now, and that's sit down with every fighter I deal with and find out if they're seeing a doctor and for what reason. If it's anything that has to do with enhancing, then I'm going to step away."

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gusto site profile image  

6/29/11 10:49 PM by gusto

if i was a blue namer, this is where i would post a pic of the nile river

CindyO site profile image  

6/29/11 9:43 PM by CindyO

 We finally agree on something=) Cindy

CindyO site profile image  

6/29/11 9:01 PM by CindyO

 Perhaps Nate's COACH should have spoken up. If he felt like his opinion as a COACH to Nate didn't give him the right to chime in then he didn't have Nate's best interests at heart like a COACH should. If not the coach's place then whose place is it??? Cindy

SKARHEAD site profile image  

6/29/11 7:50 PM by SKARHEAD

Exactly...Being on regular levels of TRT just makes you normal. I know more than a few guys on regular dose TRT and they don't look like juicers and are certainly no tougher or athletic than anyone else.Juicing to supraphysiological levels is something else VERY different and the effects are alot more obvious.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

6/29/11 7:00 PM by SKARHEAD

Coach needs to pipe down.He knew about this ALL ALONG and never said anything...and if Nate won he would have continued to keep his mouth shut and accept all the accolades and credit as his coach......but now Nate gets popped and he wants to NOW distance himself from him ? Wow.

CindyO site profile image  

6/29/11 6:25 PM by CindyO

 Soooo... was it news to him yesterday when Nate admitted having juiced in the past or was he honest about that, too??? Cindy

TheAssMurderer site profile image  

6/29/11 5:43 PM by TheAssMurderer

All of you bitching about cheating and what not - Taking some substance does not make you win fights. It won't make you buff, better, or really anything if you dont pay your dues. Most of it has to do with recovery and would help more with training than the actual fight. Who really gives a shit what these guys take?

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

6/29/11 5:26 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

 Because Sonnen didn't ruin a main event the day before.

46and2 site profile image  

6/29/11 5:25 PM by 46and2

"I didn't get into it. I kind of put my earplugs in," Wittman said. "I look at it as white and black, like you're still doing an enhancing kind of thing. But if the doctor okays it, does that make it right?"-WittmanSee there's a PERFECT example of someone who doesn't know FUCK ALL about steroids or hormones.Someone on legit TRT is in NO WAY GAINING ANY ADVANTAGE!Why can't people understand that?Testosterone is testosterone on a test. It can't tell whether it's from your nuts or a needle.If you test within range, you aren't enhanced. Period. End of fucking story, it's that damned simple! It matters NOT where the testosterone came from, just that it's in the normal range of what your nuts are capable of putting out. It's also not that hard to control testosterone levels with TRT shots. There might be a feeling out process in the beginning, but docs always start low and work up (or they should) So, saying someone "accidently" took too much is bullshit in this case.

Ezekiel site profile image  

6/29/11 2:40 PM by Ezekiel

Chael has been on fight magazine, fighters only and interviewed in blackbelt. The guy is a great promoter