JDS splits with managers Ed Soares and Jorge GuimarĂ£es

by Guilherme Cruz and Marcelo Barone | source: tatame.com

Junior “Cigano” dos Santos announced, on his official Twitter profile, that he will no longer be managed by Jorge Guimarães and Ed Moraes – who also managef the careers of Anderson Silva, Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira, Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo Junior and Rogerio Minotouro Nogueira, among others.

TATAME called Ed Soares, who talked about the end of the partnership.

Guilherme Cruz: Dos Santos has announced you are no longer his managers. Is it true?

Ed Soares: It’s all fine, he made his choice and it’ll be the best for his career. There was not much talking, that was it. He’s the captain of his own boat, we’re just there to help him guide it the right way. We’ve done a great job, bringing him to the place he is now in a little over two years, but it’s a matter of opinion. He wants to go a different way. If that’s how he fells, God bless him on his journey.

GC: Did he tell you why?

ES: To tell you the truth, he hasn’t said why. I asked him, but he wasn’t much specific. The only thing he told me was that the decision ahs been made. What am I supposed to say? If the guy wants to go another direction, who am I to tell him otherwise? I was his manager, not his father.

GC: Were you upset?

ES: Of course I’m a little sad about his decision… We worked together and did a great job. He was feeling like it was the beginning, so that’s life. It’s not the first time it happens on the fighting business and neither will be the last. He’ll follow his way and we’ll follow yours. I’m upset, Joinha is upset… I don’t know if he is, but he was the one who made the call. Now it’s up to us to move on.

GC: Were you surprised by his decision?

ES: It wasn’t a complete surprise to me. To be pretty honest, for everything we see on the fighting world, it’s hard to get caught by surprise. It wasn’t an argument or anything like that. It was all ok. If the guy doesn’t want to work with us, how can I force him to do it? It won’t be a good relationship. The work we did together was successful. We did was we were supposed to do, he did his job on the octagon, and it took us to gather a great team to help him to get there. Let’s see what happens now. I hope it all works out just fine for him. I’m sad, I’d be lying if I told you otherwise, but I don’t wish people bad things.

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Recent Comments »

Haole site profile image  

6/30/11 1:47 PM by Haole

losing Machida, Nogs, Anderson, etc as training partners is going to hurt the guy, no matter what

the geek site profile image  

6/30/11 1:12 PM by the geek

I found this blackhouse article in a thread created by johnonguitar that's states that JDS no longer trains at blackhousehttp://www.blackhousemma.com/news/jds-parts-ways-with-ed-soares-blackhouse.html

the geek site profile image  

6/30/11 1:07 PM by the geek

I hear ya but that could be at the fighters request. Not everyone want to be mobbed in the streets, star in movies or have their faces on adds everywhere. From what I believe they live like kings in Brazil and are probably content with their level of fame just like Fedor. But perhaps JDS was not, maybe he wanted that fame? That's where you could be right. We'll just have to let this play out. I hope this works out to be a smart move for JDS, he's a great fighter.

bonersaurus site profile image  

6/30/11 11:33 AM by bonersaurus

Was he already gone from blackhouse for the Carwin fight. If that's the case I wouldn't worry about it affecting him at all.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

6/30/11 9:58 AM by Cyril Jeff

yeah, something is up...  

Dazed and Confused site profile image  

6/30/11 9:49 AM by Dazed and Confused

Ed is the most overrated manager ever. He manages two of the top p4p fighters and possible GOATS and they get no promotion and are less known than some midcard fighters. Time is short in MMA and fighters need an aggressive mananger who will push them and get them $$$ while they're on top. Anderson and Aldo are more impressive than GSP, Guida, Couture etc but are almost unknown to the general public.Smart move for JDS imo.

Jack Skellington site profile image  

6/30/11 9:21 AM by Jack Skellington

 that a pretty serious camp change right before your 1st world title match

rosario01 site profile image  

6/30/11 9:14 AM by rosario01

I think he's a great publicist and by simply being a fighter under Ed/Blackhouse you get exposure

1oldfart site profile image  

6/30/11 9:12 AM by 1oldfart

like ed or not he has helped many of the brazilian fighters become what they are today. without ed they would still be stuck in the favelas.

paneo astima site profile image  

6/30/11 8:59 AM by paneo astima

Blackhouse is set up by Ed for his guys to train together, don't think we'll see Junior there again, I knew something was up when he had a completely different corner team against Carwin