Dana White: Probably the end of the line for Wanderlei Silva

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

If it's up to UFC president Dana White, MMA legend Wanderlei Silva is done competing in the octagon.

"People love him so much because of the way he fights and his style and the type of person he is," White said. "But yeah, (it's) probably the end of the road for Wanderlei."

"People knew that [Silva] and Leben were going to come out and they were going to throw until somebody fell down, and it was Wanderlei tonight."

"I think it's one of those ones where I'd like to sit down and talk to him and kind of Chuck Liddell him into it. I think the guy has nothing left to prove.

"He's a warrior. People love him all over the world, and I just don't want to see that happen to him anymore."

White said he has yet to directly address Silva, who did not attend the evening's post-fight press conference. The Brazilian turned 35 years old on Sunday.

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Recent Comments »

junon site profile image  

7/4/11 10:23 AM by junon

i dont think you two understand why Dana White is considering letting Wanderlei go.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

7/4/11 10:17 AM by Mix6APlix

Skip Hall out types them both.

Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

7/4/11 10:08 AM by Sprawl'n'Stall

Yep.I wouldn't say no to ONE more fight though. Such as vs Vitor. He can still bring it, but his brutal style of fighting AND TRAINING has taken too big a toll for his own good.Dana can be a dick, but IMO it's not like he's firing Wand, he's looking out for him in this case. You feel he treated Chuck bad?

jimbobyeaboy site profile image  

7/4/11 9:41 AM by jimbobyeaboy

How true.

Roughshot site profile image  

7/4/11 6:42 AM by Roughshot

I love Wanderei, more for who he is as a person then as a fighter.Please, I really pray that, for his physical and mental well being, we just saw the last time he fought.

osiriss site profile image  

7/3/11 9:57 PM by osiriss

I have no interest in seeing one of the greatest fighters and human beings of our generation put himself at risk of permanent damage just cause he "still" wants to do it or because a few fans can't tell the difference between nostalgia and reality. I congratulate wand on an amazing career he has impacted the sport inside and out of the cage. He has fought the best and always left it all on the line. There is nothing left to prove. Thank you!

Eatin Applesauce site profile image  

7/3/11 9:46 PM by Eatin Applesauce

are you fucking serious?whats up with people wanting to see fighters in wheel chairs after there career

RedVexx site profile image  

7/3/11 9:38 PM by RedVexx

DFW gonna fire Wand for leaving it all the octagon??He could have played it safe and probably won/lost a decision but instead he went out there guns blazing to help entertain the fans and DFW is gonna fire him for it. Fuck you Dana

kalki site profile image  

7/3/11 9:26 PM by kalki

wandy vs vitor please.....

IL Razzo site profile image  

7/3/11 8:56 PM by IL Razzo

Not to mention with your ufc rules you took away half the mans arsenal Dana!Anyway, yea wanderlei should retire. He has no chin anymore and his styles too predictable. My favorite fighter ever though.....And while lebens in the mood to give wanderlei props, he should also admit that all he did was beat a fighter with the same name...not the fighter who made that name famous. Same with mayhem and Saku. Maybe the outcomes would be the same if they were all in their prime, but dont think you get to be on a pedestal for beating half of what that champ was.