Wand 'ashamed', wants rematch

source: tatame.com

“I cried, I thought a lot of shit, and now I’m ashamed and only think in one thing now: I want a rematch”, Silva posted on his Twitter today, after describing the Saturday as the “worst day” of his life”.

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Cueball B site profile image  

7/7/11 10:22 AM by Cueball B

 the heart is still there, but the body isn't following it anymore. That's life, sadly. He should stop now, and focus on other things rather than competing.

AZKIEL site profile image  

7/7/11 9:04 AM by AZKIEL

i want to see Leben vs Belfort if Vitor takes care of business at 133

GnerdyPersianDouche site profile image  

7/7/11 12:56 AM by GnerdyPersianDouche

And if he can go more then a couple of years in a row without driving under the influence, and risking the lives on innocent people.But hey, he throws down, and puts it all on the line, he risks his life, b sport fighting, for our entertainment!!Walk this straight lineiate.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

7/6/11 4:10 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Chris Leben is great. Comes to fight. Makes no excuses. Gives good soundbites and fights. If he could just string together wins. He could get a title shot rematch against Silva (as much chance as Okami but draws more fans).

GnerdyPersianDouche site profile image  

7/6/11 3:30 PM by GnerdyPersianDouche

I love how this drug addled buffoon keeps saying this lately. When almost EVERY single time he posts something related to MMA, he completely exposes how ignorant he is about it.Marijuana apparently DOES kill brain cells-iate.

BrokenBlueNose site profile image  

7/6/11 2:27 PM by BrokenBlueNose

Leben must have been training "Slip outside wild looping right, counter w left" over and over and over. So Wand had a horrible strategy to run in throwing wide hooks.It's too bad cause it seemed like he was changing his game up the last few years and fighting from distance more, mixing things up, protecting his chin and not exposing the sides/back of his head by being inside throwing hooks.He completely went back to his old predictable style, got out of position and got countered. I think the lack of deception in his game is as big a problem as his chin.Wand is a warrior though, most guy think of the judges and a win, Want just wanted to put on a show for everyone :(

Winston Wolf site profile image  

7/6/11 2:14 PM by Winston Wolf

gotta hand it to Lebon hes has a very good career in UFC and win lose or draw he puts on great fights

Woodford Mike site profile image  

7/6/11 8:40 AM by Woodford Mike

Agree that Wand is clearly bear the end of the road and, while I understand him wanting 5 more years, that's just not a good idea. Would HATE to see him end up in some low grade promotion just because he wants to keep fighting. My hope is that he gets one more fight, notches a W, and leaves gracefully on a high note.As for Leben, props to him. He may never hold the strap, but I think he's made great strides since the TUF days. Also, win or lose, his fights are consistently exciting IMO.

JBob300 site profile image  

7/6/11 7:49 AM by JBob300

Ide hate to put him through the punishment but i he could truly win the fight if he fought smarter, he fell right into lebens trap. he might not have the chin he once was but he got tapped SEVERAL times on the button...maybe its time to hang them up...but like him, crocop, fedor and at one point chuck, and randy...i will always be willing to watch 1 more fight...who knows the old guys might surprise you!

OriginalTUFer site profile image  

7/6/11 1:00 AM by OriginalTUFer

Fantastic post from start to finish.