Jeff Monson: Brian Stann was brain-washed by the military

source: Carson's Corner

Great new interview w/ Jeff Monson about his philosophical views, life story and recent callout by Brian Stann to get "beaten to mexico" before the cormier fight.

Monson explains why he thinks stann and other members of the military are "brainwashed", how to really support the troops and why brian just doesn't understann his worldview fren!

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Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

3/17/13 10:04 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Yes, Monson, yes. (face palm)You are such a rebel.

Dana Van Gogh site profile image  

3/17/13 10:03 PM by Dana Van Gogh

^ most important part of this old bump

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

3/17/13 10:01 PM by Vulva Fabulous

You really took your time to form a thoughtful opinion on this and that's all you got?Son I am disappoint

MMA Playwrite site profile image  

3/17/13 9:31 PM by MMA Playwrite

Monson is not correct, imo.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

7/15/11 1:50 PM by Chimonos Revenge

And basically works for corporations.Guys like Monson are usually huge hypocrites when it comes right down to it.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/15/11 1:31 PM by SKARHEAD

Yeah, because a REAL man milks the system he talks so much shit about and hates sooooo

EPGScott site profile image  

7/15/11 4:15 AM by EPGScott

I just listened to it now and I see both sides. Monson makes a lot of good points but some of his views IMO are a bit extreme.

donttazemebro site profile image  

7/11/11 6:53 PM by donttazemebro

Monson directly addresses the "taking money from corporations while being anti-capitalist" criticism in part 2 (the latest show)IMO you can recognize the flaws of something and want to change it without shunning it entirely, e.g. if my exhaust breaks I don't have to burn my entire car at the side of the road.

superCalo site profile image  

7/11/11 6:47 PM by superCalo

No offense meant but this aggravates me, alot of us take a lot of time trouble and effort to learn english so we can post on this forum so that we can be understanded by people, to see someone right in this kind of texual speak of "4L8R" is a insult, it shows they cannot take the time and effort to communicate properly to treat the readers with the respect and dignity they deserve.Voted down brotha.

jittaz site profile image  

7/11/11 6:41 PM by jittaz