Coker: Diaz the only champion allowed to move to UFC

by Tom Ngo | source:

“When Nick was working his way over to the UFC, we had talks with [manager Cesar Gracie],” Coker told 5thRound. “It was a process. It was a very unique situation because of the boxing allowance – that we allowed him to box. That’s how it ended up working out the way it did.

“The idea was to keep him in MMA, and Nick used that as a little [bargaining] chip.”

Coker reiterated that Diaz’s boxing provision was the only reason Mr. 209 was permitted to transfer over to the UFC.

Strikeforce-fighter-able-to-transfer-to-ufc-video/">read entire article...

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Tyler Bentley site profile image  

7/6/11 6:31 PM by Tyler Bentley

Smart business move for Dana if you think like him see it as a business it's a good thing to have a second mma org with top ten fighters in it it gives it credibility and ppv buys let's not forget it's all about the money but i agree those big fights will happen it's just a matter of time but il think Strikeforce will survive more ppv buys two tv deals super fights in the making with the Strikeforce champ vs UFC champ once a year superbowl weekend for example i like this idee.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/6/11 5:38 PM by MMALOGIC

You're probably talking about top 5 in terms of Rankings... Im talking about top 5 in terms of talent.There's not a single HW in SF who's a top 5 talent... at least not one who has proven it yet.

GageIsLegend site profile image  

7/6/11 5:28 PM by GageIsLegend


JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

7/6/11 5:22 PM by JimmersonzGlove

Brock & Carwin haven't had wins in over a year and no one knows if Brock will ever even fight again.  

sonnensseringe1314 site profile image  

7/6/11 4:38 PM by sonnensseringe1314

Coker is just a puppet president of strikeforce IMO

caposa site profile image  

7/6/11 4:00 PM by caposa

 What about Overeem's K-1 clause? or the fact that Kharitonov has been fighting all over the world in boxing and kickboxing matches while still being a part of the Heavyweight GP? Couldn't they potentially use those provisions as bargaining chips too? The fact of the matter is that the UFC ran out of top WW contenders, the fans wanted Diaz/GSP, and if Zuffa wants one of their fighters they are going to get him, even if the fighter still has 3-4 fights left on his Strikeforce contract like Diaz did. Also, Strikeforce ran out of contenders for Diaz to fight, they knew Diaz/Woodley was not a sellable fight yet and there was literally no one else to fight. If Melendez beats Masvidal and the UFC is ever in a similar situation with their LW champ (doubtful considering the contenders are just lining up at this point) they will grab Gilbert too.

RidgeHand site profile image  

7/6/11 3:41 PM by RidgeHand

I know they have contracts and everything, but man I wish they would hurry up and dissolve strikeforce. I'm tired of having to explain to causal friends what it is. The UFC will be much better off once all the top fighters are in the same place. They should keep the challengers series as the minor leagues and just rename it UFC Challengers or something like that. I want Melendez vs Edgar or The Reem vs JDS. Can't wait

Teh Spider site profile image  

7/6/11 3:29 PM by Teh Spider

Like Coker really has a say if wanted Dana could move every fighter.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/6/11 3:25 PM by MMALOGIC

Cain, JDS, Brock, Carwin, Mir.I would say the winner of big foot and overeem would have a good argument for being a top 5 talent or at least be on the cusp of that.Come at me bro...

jjj2121 site profile image  

7/6/11 3:24 PM by jjj2121

 Was the OP serious when he asked if we thought this was Coker's call to make?   I doubt Coker was even in the room when the decision was made.