Strikeforce lost the soul of women's MMA

by Oliver Saenz | source:

Strikeforce recently was unable to come to a new agreement with Cristiane Santos, their 145-pound Women’s champion.

In releasing Cristiane Santos, Strikeforce not only shot itself in the foot, but it let go of its best chance at making women’s MMA a respectable, marketable aspect of their promotion.

What do MMA fans like the most? You can say it’s the ground game, or the technical stand-up, or all the many nuances that make this sport so multi-faceted. But I know and you know what most people like the most about MMA: they like seeing someone get destroyed. Everyone likes seeing people get KTFO’d, or pummeled, or beaten down. We pay to see an MMA event, but what we really want are the dramatic finishes that we never forget.

And you know what Cristiane Santos is? Cristiane Santos is a destroyer.

I always say two things when I talk about Cristiane Santos. I believe in these sayings now more than ever. The first is that Santos is so good right now that she can basically just sit out as long as she wants to, waiting for the day until women’s MMA catches up to her. The second is a saying I believe wholeheartedly: “Gina Carano may be the face of women’s MMA, but Cristiane Santos is it’s soul”.

And when they let Cristiane Santos walk out the door as an unbeaten champion and the best, most marketable woman’s MMA fighter in the world… they removed the heart and soul of their women’s division. And that’s a loss I don’t think Strikeforce’s women’s division will ever fully recuperate from.

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C4mac site profile image  

7/7/11 11:39 PM by C4mac

 I don't think SF will suffer from losing Cyborg any more than the UFC would suffer from losing Anderson Silva, in my eyes they are both in similar situations of divisional dominance.  The UFC MW division would be a lot more exciting if the possibility existed that it's champion could change from defense to defense.  Same with Cyborg, she is flat out too far ahead of the womens MMA curve.  In both cases the most we can expect from non-title fights is a battle for rankings.

StretchPlum site profile image  

7/7/11 11:38 PM by StretchPlum

I don't see her as good for the division at all.It's like a guy beating up a girl. I'd rather see other fighters and personalities be developed so the fans can actually see fair women's fights. There are not that many average fans into strapons.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

7/7/11 10:49 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Cris Cyborg can pay the troll toll to get into this boy's soul ANY DAY.

BigBopper site profile image  

7/7/11 8:55 PM by BigBopper

Whomever Abe is responding to, that person probably doesn't work in the entertainment industry -- remember, that's all sports is -- so looks aren't as important.

jacktripper site profile image  

7/7/11 6:15 PM by jacktripper

who are you responding to?

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

7/7/11 1:49 PM by ABE FROMAN

Truly the death of MMA when people are calling for the most 'marketable' and best-looking fighter instead of the best. I hope you get your satisfaction calling out the way somebody looks and I hope you post your picture here so everybody can critique you as well.

jacktripper site profile image  

7/7/11 1:42 PM by jacktripper

yea but its pretty obvious shes juiced to the gills... what happens when they spend $$$ and credibility to push her just for her to piss hot?and ive seen most of her fights, shes not as good as people are making her out to be

TheBigBadBootyDaddy site profile image  

7/7/11 1:40 PM by TheBigBadBootyDaddy


AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

7/7/11 9:36 AM by AmericanPsychoMMA

Nunes is really more of a 135lber than 145lbs. Although with Cyborg gone perhaps she'll stay at 145lbs.

fiercedragon site profile image  

7/7/11 7:36 AM by fiercedragon